Acuna-Hoff-Mathisen Trio in Concert




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Alex Acuna joins with accomplished musicians Per Mathisen and Jan Gunnar Hoff to perform in a Jazz trio that has Alex saying, “I haven’t felt this way since I played with Weather Report.”

Here’s what Terry Bozzio has to say about the Acuna-Hoff-Mathison Trio: “I was party to this improvisation here at Drum Channel and was transported to a place of excitement, joy and awe as I listened to it all go down. I don’t think I have heard anything this wonderful since Weather Report disbanded & Joe Zawinul passed on. First of all the musicianship was beyond most experiences I have seen or heard. Secondly, they all excel at Orchestrational Scope, each has a wide variety of high quality sounds, colors & textures at his disposal. I truly envied Alex for having this vehicle to express himself in! But he, more than anyone else, deserves it, as a rightful heir to the Weather Report Legacy! And he does it better than anyone could! His touch, feel, choices, musicality and ideas are of the highest level. Flanked by two Norwegian geniuses Jan Gunner Hoff & Per Mathisen, Acuna has assembled a World Class Performing Trio that will soon captivate audiences everywhere with cutting edge, yet accessible new music that draws the listener in & affects a transcendent experience.”