Terry Bozzio’s Reality Tour 2018 Full Concert




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Terry Bozzio is one of the modern-day masters of the drum set. In this concert he demonstrates why with his original compositions on his full kit. This concert features solo performances on cajon and auxiliary percussion as well as taiko and thumb piano. Terry has shown the world why he is at the forefront of solo melodic drumming for decades and this performance takes it to another level.

10 Original Drum-Set Performances and Compositions
1 Cajon Performance
1 Taiko Performance

Terry’s full setup includes:
25 toms
18 cymbals (as played, 17 are stacked)
8 heavy bells
8 hi-hats (3 closed 5 pedal = another 16 cymbals)
8 bass drums
2 snares
2 large gongs
One chromatic set of tuned gongs
Small pedal operated gong

2 foot toms
Foot tambourine
Foot wood tambourine
Foot jungle stick
Foot bass cajon
2 foot metal sounds

Triple bongo
Small timbale snare
Small tambourine
Ribbon crasher
Metal plates
2 Sabian choppers
Metal brackets
Finger cymbals
16” muffled tom

22 pedals

Bells, seeds, rattles, shakers, chimes, spring drums, kalimbas, cajon & other extraneous percussion

DW Rack

18 AKG mics
6 Roland TMC6
Midisport 8
Scarlet solo usb
MOTU Fastlane usb/midi
Line6 M20-D mixer
Line6 smart speakers