Mastering Sun Salutations Pt. 2

A continuation of the deconstruction Sun Salutations – Sun Salutation B – Getting into hip flexors, low back and shoulder health.

Mastering Sun Salutations Pt. 1

A short video that deconstructs Sun Salutations – The foundation of the practice that synchronizes breath and movement (vinyasa), addressing long muscles of the body

Drummer’s Hands

The heart of the matter – our hands! When drummer’s hands hurt it’s like saying, “it only hurts when I breathe.” We’ll review multiple exercises

Internal Practice-2 Breath & Bandhas

The second stick: Intrinsic muscle contractions to stimulate optimal practice physiology, focus, and structural stability. This internal practice will become what you do as you

The Yoga4D Mindset Pt. 3

Let’s clarify progress so you keep skin in the game. Working with what is true in the moment.