Drummer’s Hands

The heart of the matter – our hands! When drummer’s hands hurt it’s like saying, “it only hurts when I breathe.” We’ll review multiple exercises

Optimizing the Program

Here we’ll talk about how to progress through these modules to get the most out of them.

Psychological Underpinnings

Who you are towards yourself as you practice (or do anything in life for that matter) – IS – the practice. In this video we’ll

Philosophical Musings

Why Yoga and What can it do for me? Discover how yoga becomes a tool for better living rather than and end goal. Like a


Here is an introduction to Yoga4Drummers and mention of its inherent benefits – increased flexibility, joint mobility, aerobic capacity, decreased likelihood of injury and increased

Finishing Sequence Deconstruction

The Finishing Sequence “puts a bow” on your practice and prepares you to put your cape on and deliver high vibe to you day. Finishing

Seated Sequence Deconstruction

Taking it to the floor. The standing sequences opens the body to into more detail and specificity in the seated postures. This sequence is characterized