Yoga for Drummers Pt. 1

In part one of this two-part series Micheal introduces you to the foundation of yoga which will be later demonstrated in Part 2 Turn The Funk of Stress Into Life Force Energy With This Intro To Yoga4Drummers

Have you ever gotten up from the drums wishing to regain your energetic edge and stamina to achieve your professional goals? Or perhaps you’re playing with an injury that interferes with your full emotional and artistic expression or even worse, prevents you from performing altogether.

Well, you’re not alone and Drum Channel has your back. Drummer Michael Lear created this Yoga4Drummers to program ensure you can play everything you want to play with greater ease and comfort. Designed to relieve and help prevent performance related injuries and pain from sitting, this program will increase your flexibility, joint mobility, and strength, and
decrease likelihood of injury.

There’s even practices to help you remain calm and focused when that red light goes on. Michael Lear says, “These very same practices helped me relieve chronic low back pain, reduce hypertension, and regain my capacity to take my performance to the next level.” Try this introductory program and discover how good you can feel every time get up from the drums.

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