John Ramsay – The Complete Berklee Drum Set Audition Course


Ed Soph is a legendary instructor and former drum set professor at the University of North Texas. This Artist Track will get you started and develop your musicianship and improvisation skills. You will learn how to approach comping dynamically in a way that supports the other musicians as well as soloing in a way that reinforces the tune. The courses included cover Foundational Stick Technique, Foundational Moeller Exercises, Setup Guidelines, Foundational Pedal Technique, Foundational Brush Technique, Rhythmic Improvisation on the Pad, Ride Cymbal Concepts, Taking the Tune to the Drum Set and Playing in a Jazz Rhythm Section.



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This course covers each area of the audition process for Berklee College of Music. Rudiments, snare drum and chart reading, and technique are all important aspects you will be asked to demonstrate your level of mastery over.