Your Library of Drum Clinics with Great Instructors.


Singing & Drumming
Camille BigeaultSinging & DrummingAdvancedIn this Masterclass, Camille guides you through integrating singing and drumming …Musicianshipcamille-bigeaultadvancedmusicianship
Mental Web Breakdown & Discussion
Camille BigeaultMental Web Breakdown & DiscussionAdvancedIn this masterclass, Camille delves into her original composition “Mental Web,” …Beats & Groovescamille-bigeaultadvancedbeats-grooves
Simon Phillips Masterclass
Simon PhillipsSimon Phillips MasterclassIntermediateCheck out this exceptional Masterclass featuring the world-renowned drummer, Simon Phillips. …Fundamentals, Musicianship, Time Keepingsimon-phillipsintermediatefundamentals musicianship time-keeping
Exploring Push Pull, Dual Grip & Slide Technique
Ramon MontagnerExploring Push Pull, Dual Grip & Slide TechniqueAdvancedRamon Montagner explores a range of hand techniques he has developed …Body Motion, Hand Techniqueramon-montagneradvancedbody-motion hand-technique
Home Studio Recording, Tuning & Mixing
Jake ReedHome Studio Recording, Tuning & MixingIntermediateDiscover an exciting, comprehensive masterclass designed to elevate your home studio …Practice Tips, Studio Tipsjake-reedintermediatepractice-tips studio-tips
Drum Camp Warm Ups, Tips and Q&A
Thomas LangDrum Camp Warm Ups, Tips and Q&AIntermediateIndulge in an immersive three-hour masterclass, complete with a diverse array …Fundamentals, Independence, Technique, Vocabularythomas-langintermediatefundamentals independence technique vocabulary
Hi-Hat Technique & Vocabulary
Thomas LangHi-Hat Technique & VocabularyIntermediateThomas shares some new concepts that you can use to expand …Fundamentals, Vocabularythomas-langintermediatefundamentals vocabulary
Symmetrical Patterns
Thomas LangSymmetrical PatternsIntermediateIn this masterclass, Thomas demonstrates his method for developing speed and …Double Bass, Fills, Independence, Phrasing, Syncopationthomas-langintermediatedouble-bass fills independence phrasing syncopation
Everything You Need to Know About the Train Beat
Jim RileyEverything You Need to Know About the Train BeatIntermediateJim Riley of the Rascal Flatts will share how to approach …Beats & Grooves, Vocabularyjim-rileyintermediatebeats-grooves vocabulary
Breaking Down Legendary Grooves
Chad Smith, Gregg BissonetteBreaking Down Legendary GroovesIntermediateJoin Nandi as a student of Gregg and Chad’s as they …Beats & Grooveschad-smith gregg-bissonetteintermediatebeats-grooves
The Jazz Ministry Analyzes "The Sauce"
Abe Laboriel Jr.The Jazz Ministry Analyzes “The Sauce”IntermediateGet inside the minds of four of the greatest musicians of …Inspiration, Musicianship, Practice Tipsabe-laboriel-jrintermediateinspiration musicianship practice-tips
Jess Bowen Breaks Down "Lightning in a Bottle"
Jess BowenJess Bowen Breaks Down “Lightning in a Bottle”IntermediateJess Bowen breaks down her drum part on The Summer Set’s …Beats & Groovesjess-bowenintermediatebeats-grooves
The Story of the Shuffle
James Gadson, Tony BraunagelThe Story of the ShuffleIntermediateLearn a variety of shuffle grooves with James Gadson and Tony …Beats & Grooves, Vocabularyjames-gadson tony-braunagelintermediatebeats-grooves vocabulary
Rhythm In Essence: Drum Sessions
Efrain ToroRhythm In Essence: Drum SessionsAdvancedRhythm master, Efrain Toro, brings his friends out for an incredible …Musicianship, Polyrhythmsefrain-toroadvancedmusicianship polyrhythms
Expanding Your Fill Vocabulary Pt.3
Cobus PotgieterExpanding Your Fill Vocabulary Pt.3IntermediateCobus wraps up his three-part series on “expanding your fill vocabulary” …Fills, Vocabularycobus-potgieterintermediatefills vocabulary
Developing A Signature Sound
Rick LathamDeveloping A Signature SoundIntermediateRick Latham (Juice Newton) shares how you can get started on …Musicianship, Practice Tipsrick-lathamintermediatemusicianship practice-tips
Discovering Concepts For Soloing And Hand Motion
Peter SzendofiDiscovering Concepts For Soloing And Hand MotionIntermediatePeter explains his concept of soloing and hand technique and how …Body Motion, Hand Technique, Soloingpeter-szendofiintermediatebody-motion hand-technique soloing
Expanding Your Fill Vocabulary – Pt. 2
Cobus PotgieterExpanding Your Fill Vocabulary – Pt. 2IntermediateThis is a re-broadcast of Cobus’s Live Lesson in the DC …Fills, Vocabularycobus-potgieterintermediatefills vocabulary
Expanding Your Fill Vocabulary – Pt.1
Cobus PotgieterExpanding Your Fill Vocabulary – Pt.1IntermediateThis is a re-broadcast of Cobus’s Live Lesson in the DC …Fills, Vocabularycobus-potgieterintermediatefills vocabulary
Building Your Bass Drum Syncopation
Adam KunsBuilding Your Bass Drum SyncopationIntermediateThis lesson focuses on building bass drum dexterity and accuracy. The …Foot Technique, Syncopationadam-kunsintermediatefoot-technique syncopation
Developing Pocket Grooves
Curt BisqueraDeveloping Pocket GroovesBeginnerThis is a lesson with Curt Bisquera, he teaches you some …Beats & Grooves, Fundamentalscurt-bisquerabeginnerbeats-grooves fundamentals
Expanding Your Ideas In 7/8
Adam KunsExpanding Your Ideas In 7/8IntermediateThis is a rebroadcast of a live lesson given on November …Odd-Time, Vocabularyadam-kunsintermediateodd-time vocabulary
Power Play Without Sacrificing Technique & Energy
Adam KunsPower Play Without Sacrificing Technique & EnergyIntermediateThis lesson will show you the basic things that you can …Dynamics, Musicianshipadam-kunsintermediatedynamics musicianship
Building Your Funk Vocabulary
Adam KunsBuilding Your Funk VocabularyIntermediateThis is a rebroadcast of a live lesson given on March …Beats & Grooves, Vocabularyadam-kunsintermediatebeats-grooves vocabulary
Learn Your Essential Syncopated Patterns
Adam KunsLearn Your Essential Syncopated PatternsIntermediateTake your comfort zone and leave it behind! We will take …Fundamentals, Syncopationadam-kunsintermediatefundamentals syncopation
Expand Your Vocabulary With Paradiddle Accents
Adam KunsExpand Your Vocabulary With Paradiddle AccentsIntermediateWrap your brain around the paradiddle and its various inversions. This …Rudiments, Vocabularyadam-kunsintermediaterudiments vocabulary
Approaching Your Pedal Technique
Cobus PotgieterApproaching Your Pedal TechniqueIntermediateCobus will demonstrate two different foot pedal techniques and give applications …Body Motion, Foot Technique, Fundamentalscobus-potgieterintermediatebody-motion foot-technique fundamentals
Building Your Dynamics And Speed
Johnny VatosBuilding Your Dynamics And SpeedIntermediateJohn “Vatos” Hernandez was the driving force behind Oingo Boingo he …Dynamics, Techniquejohnny-vatosintermediatedynamics technique
The More You Relax, The Faster You Play
Johnny VatosThe More You Relax, The Faster You PlayIntermediateIn this lesson, Johnny Vatos of Oingo Boingo demonstrates how your …Hand Technique, Techniquejohnny-vatosintermediatehand-technique technique
Playing With A Band On A Sound Track | Interview
Anthony LogerfoPlaying With A Band On A Sound Track | InterviewBeginnerHeres a rebroadcast of a recent interview we did with Anthony …Inspirationanthony-logerfobeginnerinspiration
Ways To Start Using Ghost Notes
Cobus PotgieterWays To Start Using Ghost NotesBeginnerThis is a re-broadcast of Cobus’s Live Lesson in the DC …Dynamics, Fundamentals, Musicianshipcobus-potgieterbeginnerdynamics fundamentals musicianship
Developing Your French Grip Technique
Bruce BeckerDeveloping Your French Grip TechniqueBeginnerThis is the Re-broadcast of the live lesson from Bruce Becker. …Hand Technique, Techniquebruce-beckerbeginnerhand-technique technique
Playing Time With A Bass Player
Curt BisqueraPlaying Time With A Bass PlayerBeginnerCurt Bisquera along with the very talented bass player Dan Lutz, …Fundamentals, Time Keepingcurt-bisquerabeginnerfundamentals time-keeping
Exploring Vocabulary With Rick Latham
Rick LathamExploring Vocabulary With Rick LathamAdvancedThis is an amazing lesson with Rick Latham of Juice Newton!Vocabularyrick-lathamadvancedvocabulary
Stickings, Melodies And Modulations
Bruce BeckerStickings, Melodies And ModulationsIntermediateThis is a great lesson with Bruce Beckers on Stickings, Melodies …Musicianship, Polyrhythms, Vocabularybruce-beckerintermediatemusicianship polyrhythms vocabulary
The History Of Brushes & Applications
Jaz SawyerThe History Of Brushes & ApplicationsIntermediateThis is a lesson with Jaz Sawyer. He talks about Brushes …Brushes, Vocabularyjaz-sawyerintermediatebrushes vocabulary
Building Jazz Sensibilities – Pt.1
Bruce BeckerBuilding Jazz Sensibilities – Pt.1BeginnerIn this lesson focusing on jazz patterns, Bruce describes the right …Beats & Grooves, Syncopationbruce-beckerbeginnerbeats-grooves syncopation
Building Jazz Sensibilities – Pt.2
Bruce BeckerBuilding Jazz Sensibilities – Pt.2IntermediateThis lesson, Bruce will emphasize some approach to Bass Drum ‘comping’ …Beats & Grooves, Syncopationbruce-beckerintermediatebeats-grooves syncopation
Approaching The Jazz Ride Beat
Bruce BeckerApproaching The Jazz Ride BeatIntermediateIn this lesson, Bruce talks about the independence and coordination between …Beats & Grooves, Phrasingbruce-beckerintermediatebeats-grooves phrasing
Exploring The Evolution of Phrasing
Bruce BeckerExploring The Evolution of PhrasingIntermediateThis is Part 1 of Bruce Becker’s Evolution of Phrasing lessons.Musicianship, Phrasingbruce-beckerintermediatemusicianship phrasing
How To Get A Bigger Sound
Javier BarreraHow To Get A Bigger SoundBeginnerIn this lesson, Javier sits down with Don Lombardi to explain …Dynamics, Musicianshipjavier-barrerabeginnerdynamics musicianship
How To Get Started With Brushes
Adam KunsHow To Get Started With BrushesBeginnerThis is a rebroadcast of a live lesson given on March …Brushes, Fundamentals, Techniqueadam-kunsbeginnerbrushes fundamentals technique
An Introduction To Beat Displacement
Adam KunsAn Introduction To Beat DisplacementAdvancedTake your comfort zone and leave it behind…again! We are going …Beats & Grooves, Phrasing, Syncopationadam-kunsadvancedbeats-grooves phrasing syncopation
How To Begin Playing In 3 – Odd Times
Adam KunsHow To Begin Playing In 3 – Odd TimesIntermediateIn this series of lessons, we will be focusing on different …Beats & Grooves, Fundamentals, Odd-Timeadam-kunsintermediatebeats-grooves fundamentals odd-time
Applying Rudiments On The Drum Set
Adam KunsApplying Rudiments On The Drum SetBeginnerAdam will demonstrate some ways that you can take your rudimental …Fills, Rudimentsadam-kunsbeginnerfills rudiments
Playing Shuffle Variations – Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz
Rick LathamPlaying Shuffle Variations – Funk, Rock, Blues, JazzIntermediateRick Latham authored the world-renowned book ‘Linear Funk Studies’ and answers …Beats & Grooves, Fundamentalsrick-lathamintermediatebeats-grooves fundamentals
Exploring Non-Linear Grooves
Cobus PotgieterExploring Non-Linear GroovesIntermediateCobus Potgieter is the most viewed drummer on YouTube as well …Beats & Grooves, Vocabularycobus-potgieterintermediatebeats-grooves vocabulary
Amazing Inverted Paradiddle Fill
Cobus PotgieterAmazing Inverted Paradiddle FillIntermediateCobus demonstrates a groove and fill that both utilize the inverted …Fills, Rudimentscobus-potgieterintermediatefills rudiments
Exploring Your Inner Drumming
George MarshExploring Your Inner DrummingIntermediateGeorge Marsh explains the fundamentals and the beginnings of his “Inner …Body Motion, Independencegeorge-marshintermediatebody-motion independence
Easy Ways To Start Playing Double Bass
Adam KunsEasy Ways To Start Playing Double BassBeginnerThis lesson is geared towards developing double bass skills. In this …Double Bass, Foot Technique, Techniqueadam-kunsbeginnerdouble-bass foot-technique technique
Amazing Double Drumming Concepts
Thomas Lang, Virgil DonatiAmazing Double Drumming ConceptsAdvancedWe were fortunate enough to have two of the most virtuosic …Musicianship, Soloingthomas-lang virgil-donatiadvancedmusicianship soloing
Choreographing Your Rolls – Pt.3
Bruce BeckerChoreographing Your Rolls – Pt.3IntermediateThis is Part 3 of Bruce Becker’s Choreographing Rolls lessons.Fundamentals, Rudimentsbruce-beckerintermediatefundamentals rudiments
Choreographing Your Rolls – Pt.1
Bruce BeckerChoreographing Your Rolls – Pt.1BeginnerThis is Part 1 of Bruce Becker’s lesson showing you how …Fundamentals, Rudimentsbruce-beckerbeginnerfundamentals rudiments
Choreographing Your Rolls – Pt.2
Bruce BeckerChoreographing Your Rolls – Pt.2IntermediateThis is Part 2 of Bruce Becker’s lesson showing you how …Fundamentals, Rudimentsbruce-beckerintermediatefundamentals rudiments
How To Play In A Production With Other Musicians
Eric BoudreaultHow To Play In A Production With Other MusiciansIntermediateEric Boudreault is currently the drummer for the hit production Cavalia. …Being Prepared, Musicianship, Practice Tipseric-boudreaultintermediatebeing-prepared musicianship practice-tips
How To Add ” The Funk” In Your Playing
Rick LathamHow To Add ” The Funk” In Your PlayingIntermediateRick discusses how to get a good feel and sound while …Beats & Grooves, Time Keepingrick-lathamintermediatebeats-grooves time-keeping
30 Years Of Drumming Experience
Gabor Dornyei30 Years Of Drumming ExperienceIntermediateIn this masterclass, Gabor Dornyei will convey 30 years of drumming …Being Prepared, Independence, Vocabularygabor-dornyeiintermediatebeing-prepared independence vocabulary
Using 4 Against 3 In Various Styles
Burleigh DrummondUsing 4 Against 3 In Various StylesIntermediateBurleigh Drummond of Ambrosia is here to discuss how technique affects …Odd-Time, Polyrhythmsburleigh-drummondintermediateodd-time polyrhythms
Becoming Versatile On The Band Stand
Adrian CotaBecoming Versatile On The Band StandIntermediateAdrian Cota is joined by Jacob Scesney, Victor San Pedro and …Being Prepared, Musicianshipadrian-cotaintermediatebeing-prepared musicianship
Exploring Rhythmic Challenges
Virgil DonatiExploring Rhythmic ChallengesAdvancedVirgil Donati (Planet X, Steve Vai, Scott Henderson) demonstrates how he …Odd-Time, Polyrhythmsvirgil-donatiadvancedodd-time polyrhythms
Understanding Why And When To Play
Stephen PerkinsUnderstanding Why And When To PlayBeginnerOne of the most popular and influential drummers to come out …Being Prepared, Musicianshipstephen-perkinsbeginnerbeing-prepared musicianship
How To Warm Up, Top to Bottom – Hands & Feet
Rick LathamHow To Warm Up, Top to Bottom – Hands & FeetIntermediateRick Latham, author of the famous drum book “Advanced Funk Studies,” …Foot Technique, Hand Technique, Techniquerick-lathamintermediatefoot-technique hand-technique technique
Approaching Jazz For Rock Drummers
Cobus PotgieterApproaching Jazz For Rock DrummersBeginnerPeter gives Cobus a lesson on how rock drummers can begin …Fundamentals, Vocabularycobus-potgieterbeginnerfundamentals vocabulary
Applying Latin Rhythms To The Drum Set
Alex AcuñaApplying Latin Rhythms To The Drum SetAdvancedThis is the Re-broadcast of the live lesson Alex did in …Beats & Grooves, Vocabularyalex-acunaadvancedbeats-grooves vocabulary
How To Be A Professional Rock Drummer
Glen SobelHow To Be A Professional Rock DrummerAdvancedThis is a re-broadcast of Glen’s Live Lesson in the DC …Being Prepared, Musicianshipglen-sobeladvancedbeing-prepared musicianship
Making Your Time Come Alive
JR RobinsonMaking Your Time Come AliveIntermediateJR Robinson is one of the perennial masters of groove. He …Practice Tips, Time Keepingjr-robinsonintermediatepractice-tips time-keeping
Essential Bass Drum Techniques
Bruce BeckerEssential Bass Drum TechniquesIntermediateHe discusses how he applies what he learned from Freddie Gruber …Foot Technique, Fundamentals, Techniquebruce-beckerintermediatefoot-technique fundamentals technique
Applying Syncopation To The Set
Rich RedmondApplying Syncopation To The SetIntermediateRich Redmond is an in-demand country and rock drummer, playing with …Reading, Syncopationrich-redmondintermediatereading syncopation
Ramp Up Your Snare Drumming
Rick LathamRamp Up Your Snare DrummingIntermediateThis is an awesome lesson with Rick Latham on how to …Hand Technique, Rudiments, Techniquerick-lathamintermediatehand-technique rudiments technique
Expanding Your Vocabulary In Different Styles
Gregg BissonetteExpanding Your Vocabulary In Different StylesIntermediateIn this lesson, Drum Channel Staff Instructor Adam Kuns gets a …Beats & Grooves, Fills, Vocabularygregg-bissonetteintermediatebeats-grooves fills vocabulary
Exploring Funky Odd Times
Bruce BeckerExploring Funky Odd TimesAdvancedBruce explores using various sticking combinations to play in odd times …Beats & Grooves, Odd-Timebruce-beckeradvancedbeats-grooves odd-time
Easy Ways To Approach The Moeller Method
Bruce BeckerEasy Ways To Approach The Moeller MethodBeginnerThis is a lesson with Bruce Becker on the breakdown of …Body Motion, Hand Technique, Techniquebruce-beckerbeginnerbody-motion hand-technique technique
How To Make It Groove – Pt.1
Curt BisqueraHow To Make It Groove – Pt.1BeginnerCurt Bisquera has toured and recorded with many A-list artists including, …Fundamentals, Time Keepingcurt-bisquerabeginnerfundamentals time-keeping
Vinnie Colaiuta Inspired Fills With Double Bass
Adam KunsVinnie Colaiuta Inspired Fills With Double BassAdvancedThis is a rebroadcast of a live lesson given on October …Double Bass, Fillsadam-kunsadvanceddouble-bass fills
How To Get Started Reading And Playing Figures
Adam KunsHow To Get Started Reading And Playing FiguresIntermediateIn this lesson, Adam will show you how you can get …Fundamentals, Readingadam-kunsintermediatefundamentals reading
Discovering Brushes In Latin Styles
Adam KunsDiscovering Brushes In Latin StylesIntermediateThis is a rebroadcast of a live lesson given on April …Brushes, Vocabularyadam-kunsintermediatebrushes vocabulary
How To Begin Playing In 9 – Odd Times
Adam KunsHow To Begin Playing In 9 – Odd TimesAdvancedIn this series of lessons, we will be focusing on different …Beats & Grooves, Odd-Timeadam-kunsadvancedbeats-grooves odd-time
Developing Your Authentic Sound
Dave ElitchDeveloping Your Authentic SoundBeginnerDave Elitch’s versatility and adaptability keep him busy in the music …Vocabularydave-elitchbeginnervocabulary
Iconic “Chicago” Grooves And Fills
Danny SeraphineIconic “Chicago” Grooves And FillsAdvancedDanny Seraphine is the original drummer and one of the founders …Beats & Grooves, Fillsdanny-seraphineadvancedbeats-grooves fills
Easy Ways To Play More Musically
Chad WackermanEasy Ways To Play More MusicallyIntermediateJust off the road with James Taylor, Chad explains being a …Musicianship, Practice Tipschad-wackermanintermediatemusicianship practice-tips
Expanding Rhythmic Interpretations & Vocabulary
Brendan BuckleyExpanding Rhythmic Interpretations & VocabularyIntermediateBrendan Buckley has played with Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Tegan and Sara, …Soloing, Syncopation, Vocabularybrendan-buckleyintermediatesoloing syncopation vocabulary
Pulling Sound Out Of The Kit
Dave ElitchPulling Sound Out Of The KitIntermediateDave Elitch is one of the most versatile drummers in the …Dynamics, Fundamentals, Techniquedave-elitchintermediatedynamics fundamentals technique
Expanding Your Vocabulary & Odd Time Playing
Gergo BorlaiExpanding Your Vocabulary & Odd Time PlayingAdvancedGergo Borlai is a virtuoso drummer from Hungary who has played …Odd-Time, Vocabularygergo-borlaiadvancedodd-time vocabulary
Learn Drums & Percussion Symbiosis
Fausto CuevasLearn Drums & Percussion SymbiosisIntermediateFausto Cuevas (Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez) shares what is necessary for …Musicianship, Percussionfausto-cuevasintermediatemusicianship percussion
Preparing For University Music Programs
Gregg BissonettePreparing For University Music ProgramsIntermediateGregg had his student in for a lesson and Q&A on …Being Prepared, Vocabularygregg-bissonetteintermediatebeing-prepared vocabulary
Essential Tips For Studio Drumming
Curt BisqueraEssential Tips For Studio DrummingIntermediateCurt Bisquera, who has worked with artists like Elton John and …Being Prepared, Musicianship, Practice Tipscurt-bisqueraintermediatebeing-prepared musicianship practice-tips
Exploring Grooves From Around The World
Walfredo Reyes Jr.Exploring Grooves From Around The WorldAdvancedWalfredo Reyes Jr. of Chicago and Santana breaks down some ethnic …Beats & Grooves, Vocabularywalfredo-reyes-jradvancedbeats-grooves vocabulary
Building New Coordination & Counting Concepts
Thomas LangBuilding New Coordination & Counting ConceptsAdvancedThomas Lang breaks down some fundamental coordination and counting exercises that …Independence, Vocabularythomas-langadvancedindependence vocabulary
Exploring New Sounds & Grooves For Recording
Blair SintaExploring New Sounds & Grooves For RecordingBeginnerBlair breaks down how important it is to think about ‘how’ …blair-sintabeginner
How To Make To Groove – Pt.2
Curt BisqueraHow To Make To Groove – Pt.2IntermediateCurt will play several grooves with you then see how you …Fundamentals, Time Keepingcurt-bisqueraintermediatefundamentals time-keeping
Playing With A Percussionist
Gregg BissonettePlaying With A PercussionistIntermediateGregg Bissonette and his band will show you how to get …Beats & Grooves, Practice Tipsgregg-bissonetteintermediatebeats-grooves practice-tips
Developing Your Time And Feel
Joey PeeblesDeveloping Your Time And FeelIntermediateJoey Peebles of Trombone Shorty gives examples of strengthening your time, …Fundamentals, Practice Tips, Time Keepingjoey-peeblesintermediatefundamentals practice-tips time-keeping
Rudiments Applied to Music – Not Just Your Drum Set
Adam KunsRudiments Applied to Music – Not Just Your Drum SetIntermediateIn this lesson we are going to make our rudiments work …Musicianship, Rudimentsadam-kunsintermediatemusicianship rudiments
The 5 Most Common Mistakes Drummers Make
Dave ElitchThe 5 Most Common Mistakes Drummers MakeBeginnerDave Elitch is highly in-demand both as a performer and educator. …Body Motion, Practice Tipsdave-elitchbeginnerbody-motion practice-tips
Exploring Hand & Foot Linear Coordination
Thomas LangExploring Hand & Foot Linear CoordinationAdvancedThe master clinician demonstrates hand and foot linear coordination for fills …Independence, Soloing, Vocabularythomas-langadvancedindependence soloing vocabulary
Learning Life Experiences With Thomas Pridgen
Thomas PridgenLearning Life Experiences With Thomas PridgenAdvancedThomas Pridgen is one of today’s most creative and original drummers. …Practice Tipsthomas-pridgenadvancedpractice-tips
Expanding Your Rhythm with Alex Acuña
Alex AcuñaExpanding Your Rhythm with Alex AcuñaAdvancedAlex Acuña is a master drummer and percussionist and in this …Beats & Grooves, Polyrhythms, Vocabularyalex-acunaadvancedbeats-grooves polyrhythms vocabulary
How Pro Drummers Teach Other Pro Drummers Pt.1
Dave ElitchHow Pro Drummers Teach Other Pro Drummers Pt.1AdvancedIn this first installment of Artist of the Month, Dave Elitch …Inspiration, Practice Tipsdave-elitchadvancedinspiration practice-tips
Using Latin Rhythms In A Pop Environment
Richie Gajate-GarciaUsing Latin Rhythms In A Pop EnvironmentAdvancedRichie and Roland Gajate-Garcia were both in the studio for a …Beats & Grooves, Percussionrichie-gajate-garciaadvancedbeats-grooves percussion
Becoming A Musical Drum Soloist
Chad WackermanBecoming A Musical Drum SoloistIntermediateChad discusses how to use themes and motifs when soloing on …Musicianship, Phrasing, Soloingchad-wackermanintermediatemusicianship phrasing soloing
How Pro Drummers Teach Other Pro Drummers Pt.2
Dave ElitchHow Pro Drummers Teach Other Pro Drummers Pt.2AdvancedCheck out how Dave introduces more technical concepts and how to …Body Motion, Techniquedave-elitchadvancedbody-motion technique
How Pro Drummers Teach Other Pro Drummers Pt.3
Dave ElitchHow Pro Drummers Teach Other Pro Drummers Pt.3AdvancedDave Elitch (The Mars Volta, Miley Cyrus, Killer Be Killed) covers …Inspiration, Vocabularydave-elitchadvancedinspiration vocabulary
Exploring Improvisation & Developing Your Voice
Ed SophExploring Improvisation & Developing Your VoiceIntermediateEd Soph is a legendary instructor and former drum set professor …Improvisation, Musicianship, Practice Tipsed-sophintermediateimprovisation musicianship practice-tips
Locking In With A Bass Player For The First Time
Curt BisqueraLocking In With A Bass Player For The First TimeBeginnerCurt Bisquera has recorded and performed with many Iconic musicians such …Fundamentals, Practice Tips, Time Keepingcurt-bisquerabeginnerfundamentals practice-tips time-keeping
Congas & Bongo Interaction
Pedrito MartinezCongas & Bongo InteractionAdvancedPedrito Martinez and Jhair Sala are two of today’s finest percussionists! …Musicianship, Percussionpedrito-martinezadvancedmusicianship percussion
Exploring Melody, Ostinatos And Improvising
Terry BozzioExploring Melody, Ostinatos And ImprovisingAdvancedTerry Bozzio demonstrates musical concepts on his “Small Kit.” He shares …Improvisation, Musicianshipterry-bozzioadvancedimprovisation musicianship
Blending Your Techniques Together
Bruce BeckerBlending Your Techniques TogetherIntermediateBruce Becker in one of todays most sought after teachers and …Hand Technique, Techniquebruce-beckerintermediatehand-technique technique
Exploring How To Communicate Musically
Nate WoodExploring How To Communicate MusicallyAdvancedWe are excited to sit down with some of today’s most …Improvisation, Musicianshipnate-woodadvancedimprovisation musicianship
Learn How To Sing While Playing Drums
Kelly KeagyLearn How To Sing While Playing DrumsIntermediateKelly Keagy has not only written several hits including “Sister Christian”, …Independence, Musicianshipkelly-keagyintermediateindependence musicianship
Exploring Multi-Pedal Grooves And Techniques
Marco IannettaExploring Multi-Pedal Grooves And TechniquesAdvancedWatch This amazing rebroadcast of Marco Iannetta as he shares his …Beats & Grooves, Foot Technique, Techniquemarco-iannettaadvancedbeats-grooves foot-technique technique
Using The Spivack Method With Paradiddles
Chad WackermanUsing The Spivack Method With ParadiddlesIntermediatejoin us for a special live lesson we recently did with …Body Motion, Hand Technique, Rudimentschad-wackermanintermediatebody-motion hand-technique rudiments
Intro To Coordination Hand & Feet
Al VelasquezIntro To Coordination Hand & FeetBeginnerThis lesson focuses on basic concepts that beginning students can learn …Fundamentals, Vocabularyal-velasquezbeginnerfundamentals vocabulary
How To Play Multiple Instruments Simultaneously
Nate WoodHow To Play Multiple Instruments SimultaneouslyAdvancedNate Wood (Kneebody, fOUR) brings all of his multi-instrumental talents together …Independence, Inspiration, Musicianshipnate-woodadvancedindependence inspiration musicianship
How To Sight Read A Drum Chart
Chad WackermanHow To Sight Read A Drum ChartIntermediateIn this special masterclass, Chad Wackerman shares his concept of sight-reading …Practice Tips, Readingchad-wackermanintermediatepractice-tips reading