Train Beat

The train beat is a widely used rhythm in bluegrass, country, and other roots genres. The train beat also works great on cajon and many

Blues Shuffle

Here is a blues shuffle rhythm on the cajon. Listen closely to the shuffle triplet feel of the rhythm and also the high hat pattern

Paradiddle on Cajon

The paradiddle is one of the most popular rudiments in drumming. It is used widely in snare drumming and also drum set playing and is

Reggae 1

Now your will learn a nice reggae rhythm for cajon. Pay close attention to the hi-hat pattern being played on the high slap tone along

Playing the Sides

Of course most of the time when we play the cajon we are playing the front surface (tapa) to create the sound. It is possible

Hip-Hop 1

Hip hop is a fantastic funky style to play on cajon. It could also be played as a funk rhythm but the style we are

Rumba 3

Here is another variation of rumba. Try taking the other rumba rhythms you have learned and use them with Rumba 3.

Three Fills in 4/4

As drummers and percussionists our main focus should be with playing the right groove or part that fits the music we are playing. Placing fills

Sixteenth Beat Rock

In this lesson, you will learn a rock rhythm with a sixteenth beat feel. When you are playing the beat your hands will be playing