Rumba 1

Rumba is a fantastic rhythm and is very common for cajon and many types of Latin music. There are many types of rumba that are

Ghost Notes

Ghost notes are notes or hits that are played at a low volume and that are played under the main groove. Sometimes the ghost notes

Rock 2

Here is another rock rhythm for you to learn. There are many rock variations. After learning this rock rhythm, try playing rock 1 and rock

The Flam

Now you are going to learn a technique that is widely used in both hand drumming and drum set playing. It is called the flam and

Rock 1

Now you will learn how to play a basic rock rhythm on the Cajon. You can use this rhythm to play along with many songs.

1 to 8 Exercise

This exercise is a great one for warming up. It is also great to get your brain working better with your hands. It is used

Doubles Exercise

Many are played hand-to-hand, meaning no two hits or more are played on one hand before moving to the other. It is important to get

Tone Exercises

Once we have learned how to play each tone it is very important that we practice the tones so that you can play them easily

Mid Tone

The mid-tone is a very useful tone to have at your disposal. This tone is used for rhythms but I use it a lot for