Val wraps up the beginner series by doing a comprehensive review of all the techniques we’ve learned from start to finish.

Learning Triplets

In this lesson, Val demonstrates the 8th note triplet. You will learn to play triplets in 3/4 and 4/4 as both drum beats and fills.

Combining 8th and 16th Note Fills

We are into the second half of this series! We will start combining 8th notes with 16th notes and examine the variety of different patterns

Adding 16th Note Fills

In the 5th lesson of this series, Val introduces the concept of 16th notes while playing grooves or fills. She uses it to build upon

Adding 8th Note Fills

In lesson 4, Val will get you started using drum fills. She starts with a basic 8th note fill and shows you a few ways

Basic Rock Beat #2

In Lesson 2, Val will show you the next step by demonstrating the next rock beat.  This is one that you have heard countless times

Learn The Basic Rock Beat #1

You will be playing drums in 10 minutes with or without a drum set! Chad Smith and Don Lombardi join Val Sepulveda for this lesson