5 – Playing: The Fatback Beat

This beat is very useful to have in your arsenal and can be played a couple of different ways. It’s important to keep the 16th

5 – Playing: Disco Beat

This four on the floor Disco groove can be another helpful tool in your arsenal. It may be tricky to get the right open Hi-Hat

5 – Playing: Soul/R&B Beat

In this lesson, we are diving into more 16th note based grooves. The Soul/R&B beat can be heard on thousands of records and is simple

3 – Playing: 6/8 Rock

This lesson will focus on how to make 6/8 feel good and groove in a rock or pop genre. It’s important to keep the groove

3 – Playing: The Big 3

This beat is a common groove in R&B as well as Gospel. The focus should be on leaving space in between the downbeat with the

3 – Playing: Basic 6/8 Beat

This lesson dives into the fundamentals of the 6/8 beat. Once you’ve become comfortable with the basic beat try adding ghost notes. This will add

3 – Playing: 16th Note Rock

In this lesson we’ll apply our previous rock beat patterns to a 16th note hi-hat. This is a good variation and can be heard in

4 – Playing: Four On The Floor

This is a beat you can use in thousands of different settings and can really help drive a band. Learning this groove will not only

3 – Playing: The Mambo Beat

In this lesson, we will talk about how to get started playing the Mambo Beat and its variations. It’s important to remember that when playing