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   From Don Lombardi, Founder of DrumChannel.com

It has been four years since we started developing DrumChannel.com, an idea I had been thinking about for many years. I started teaching at age 16, and for about 20 years had 30 to 40 students per week. When I started Drum Workshop, Inc. in 1972, it was a teaching studio. So, the concept of getting back into education in 2011 is kind of like coming full circle. Only this time, the idea is to have a platform where the Pros can share ideas with each other and with us.

So four years ago, Bonnie, my life partner and I said, "Let’s do it!" I called Terry Bozzio in Austin, Texas, and said, "We are going to go ahead with this, let me know what you want to do," and he said, "I will move back to LA and work with you." Wow! You can imagine how I felt.

We put together a dedicated in-house team and hired a company to develop the site. After two years, we were not happy with the website and we tried for another year to fix it, then decided to start all over. And that is where we are now. A new site that is everything it was always supposed to be.

Today, more and more of your television content is coming over the internet. Our goal is to provide you with broadcast quality LESSONS and SHOWS, all ORIGINAL CONTENT. Please let me know if there is any reason you might have for not joining Drum Channel. It’s important for me to understand your expectations so we can meet them. You can contact me at info@drumchannel.com.


   From Terry Bozzio, Drum Channel Artist in Residence

Drum Channel Friends,

The Drumming Community is an anomaly compared to the world of other instrumentalists. We drummers hang together and support each other. We are interested in and want to learn from each other. But most importantly we are willing to share our techniques, experiences and information.

It is in this spirit that DrumChannel.com was founded: to be a spearhead of entertaining, educational and inspirational drumming related content to further the advancement of our art, and disseminate this information via the internet to the remote places that may not have access to the talent we can draw on from the major entertainment capitals of the world. We want to bring the essence of the drumming community to everyone who may be curious about this unique group of creative individuals.

We offer “DC Shows” with entertaining, compelling interviews and performances with your favorite drummers, hosted by other famous drummers. They will give you an intriguing insight into the way we think and approach our instruments, musical styles, and life!

We offer “Master Classes” from the best of the best drummers in the world.

We offer “Drum Lessons” from the best educators in the world.

We offer a store where you may purchase all of the best educational DVDs, CDs and more to help you improve your skills.

We invite you to our forum where you can ask questions and discuss topics with myself and other drummers in our Faculty including Alex Acuña, Peter Erskine, Greg Bissonette, Ralph Humphey, Joe Porcaro, Curt Bisquera and others.

In addition, Drum Channel Studios offers a state of the art audio/ video production facility that is unlike any other in existance. We are staffed by cameramen and editors who are drummers and musicians themselves, and can capture your live performance correctly because they understand what needs to be seen. We offer ProTools HD audio and HD video equipment along with lighting rigs in a large, warm studio environment. High quality mics, outboard gear, a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, as well as Terry Bozzio's extensive Percussion Collection are available. Come and record here with us!

Drum Channel Studios

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Hope to see or hear from you soon on DrumChannel.com.

Terry Bozzio


   Q: What is the difference between a Master Class and a Drum Lesson?

   A: There are two ways to learn on DrumChannel.com.


Master Classes are the best drummers in the world, teaching you what they play. The Master Classes are broken into a series of lessons. Most of the classes will take a few months to master and each subscription will allow you 12 months of access to the class.

Drum Lessons are really an online drum school. This unique system has been designed with a curriculum of lessons developed over three years by Ralph Humphrey and Joe Porcaro. This system will improve your technique with classes for Hands, Hands and Feet, and Reading. Each class is broken into semesters based on Fundamental, Intermediate or Advanced skill levels. Each semester is available for three months. The complete course could take the average student around a year. Of course, the more you practice the faster you will learn. Our unique system is the only online drum school of its kind. It is not only a great way to supplement private instruction, but a great way to learn for the beginner or professional who wants to revisit the basics.