Gregg Bissonette Master Class - Introduction to Jazz Beginning to Advanced

If you’ve never played Jazz before, this series of drum lessons will teach you basic patterns and how to approach the drumset with a Jazz feel. The best drummers in the world have commented on Drum Channel about the importance of understanding a Jazz time feel to enhance any genre of music you might be playing.

Lesson 1: Quarter Note Time (DOWNLOAD WORKBOOK HERE)

Lesson 2: Quarter Note Time Adding Grace Notes

Lesson 3: Traditional Jazz Ride Cymbal

Lesson 4: Ride Cymbal Variations #1

Lesson 5: Ride Cymbal Variations #2

Lesson 6: Tony Williams Tricks

Lesson 7: Cross-Stick Patterns


By utilizing the Feedback area of Drum Channel you can post questions or videos of yourself as you go through the lessons, and Gregg or one of our faculty teachers will give you input to help you improve. Click here for more info.