Chad Wackerman Master Class - The Murray Spivack Method

Gregg Bissonette Master Class

Chad explains in detail how they are the fundamentals of everything you play. Murray would expect his students to practice 2 hours a day but with even 15-20 minutes a day, you will see immediate results which will make whatever you play not only easier but more musical. Scroll down for a 25 page download of Murray's exercises from Chad's lessons.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: How to Hold and Bounce the Stick

Lesson 3: Single Stroke Roll – 15 minute Exercise

Lesson 4: Single Stroke Rebound

Lesson 5: 7 Stroke Roll and 5 Stroke Roll

Lesson 6: Roll Practice Routine

Lesson 7: Flams

Lesson 8: Up and Down Strokes

Lesson 9: The Closed Roll

Lesson 10: 7 Basic Strokes

Lesson 11: 7 Stroke Roll- Ruff - Flam Accent No. 2

Lesson 12: Flam Tap, Flam Accent No. 2, Flam Accent No. 1

Lesson 13: Swiss Triplets


***Download the workbook for all lessons below***

Mac Video

We encourage you to post a video of yourself in DC Feedback as you perfect these lessons.