Last Week

Live Lesson Rebroadcast

Instructor: Dave Elitch

Missed the live lesson? Watch it anytime from our archive instead!

Dynamics and Speed

Instructor: John "Vatos" Hernandez

John “Vatos” Hernandez was the driving force behind Oingo Boingo he mastered playing fast and loud, while staying relaxed.

Live Lesson

Instructor: Adam Kuns

Adam will be covering and reviewing some of the concepts form the last several live lessons and Secrets From the Pros.

Marco Iannetta Interview

Host: Don Lombardi

Ideas you have never thought about, double pedal, double hi-hat and cajon pedals... Wild sounds with some even wilder technique.

Paradiddles in Odd Times

Instructor: Joey Peebles

Joey Peebles from Trombone Shorty demonstrates paradiddles in odd times with Swiss Army triplets and a secret to a great rock beat.

 This Week

All times PST

Monday: 3/27 at 6pm

Live Lesson Rebroadcast

Instructor: Adam Kuns

Adam reviews concepts covered in Raul Pineda’s, Joey Peebles’ and Mike Clark’s recent lessons.

Tuesday: 3/28 at 6pm

Rick Latham Interview

Host: Don Lombardi

Rick talks about his legendary book Advanced Funk Studies and his linear concepts.

Wednesday: 3/29 at 5pm

Cobus Live with Danno Peterson

Host: Cobus Potgieter

Growing up in South Africa, Danno at 14 is an amazing musician. He will be performing with his band and answering questions live.

Thursday: 3/30 at 6pm

Chad Smith Show with Abe Laboriel Jr.

*Featured Show*

Abe Laboriel Jr. jams with Chad along with discussing details about what its like to be in Paul McCartney’s band for 13 years.

Friday: 3/31 at 6pm

Flow with Fills

Instructor: Rick Latham

Rick discusses how you should choose fills that fit within the song.

 Next Week

All times PST

Monday: 4/3 at 6pm

Live Show Rebroadcast

Cobus live

Missed the live show? Watch the rebroadcast the Monday following the live event!

Tuesday: 4/4 at 6pm

Holding the Sticks, Wrists & Forearm

Instructor: Rick Latham

Rick gets amazing definition out of each stroke. He shows you how he holds the sticks and the effect it can have on your sound.

Wednesday: 4/5 at 5pm

Live Lesson

Instructor: Gregg Bissonette

Gregg Bissonette is one of the most in-demand touring and studio drummers in the World. He will be here to answer your questions live!

Thursday: 4/6 at 6pm

Bass Drum Technique

Instructor: Rick Latham

Rick shows his heel up bass drum technique and how he applies it to doubles, and double bass drum in triplets. He stresses the importance of listening to your sound.

Friday: 4/7 at 6pm

Bongo and Mambo Bells Played Together

Instructor: Fausto Cuevas

Fausto demonstrates the proper stylistic way to integrate these two patterns together. A great independence exercise as well.