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The unique DC player has 5 video switches. In many lessons these are camera angles of the main video that you can choose from, or they can be seperate videos on the same subject like condensed exercises or slow motion.


Show Thumbnail Secrets From The Pros

These are playing and career tips from the pros. They can be immediately added to your playing (with a little practice). Many SFTP also have "Related Lessons" to give you more information on a similar subject. We add new "secrets" regularly each week. Let us know if there is an artist or subject you would like to learn more about.
Show Thumbnail Master Classes

These are a series of lessons by individual artists covering specific subjects that will greatly improve your playing. Being versatile is extremely important for drummers today. This Master Class series is like having your own DVD collection by the best drummers in the world. There is over 30 hours of classes with new ones added regularly.
Show Thumbnail Technique - Rudiments

This is the most unique area of the DC Academy. We have developed a curriculum by world class educators Ralph Humphrey and Joe Porcaro plus assembling information from the greatest teachers of the past such as Freddie Gruber and Henry Adler. You will learn how to follow, control and motivate the bounce of the stick so you can play whatever you hear. With this foundation, the more you practice the better you will get.
Show Thumbnail The Art Of Drumming

This is a complete course written by Terry Bozzio covering the five basic elements of drumming: rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics and orchestration. This is a curriculum of lessons that will make you a musical drummer which is one of the keys to becoming a pro. Lessons in this series will be going up regularly over the next several months. With a few minutes a day of practice, you will open a new world of creativity.
Show Thumbnail Gregg Bissonette Drum School

Gregg Bissonette's Drum School is about adding to your drumming vocabulary and this series of classic drum beats and fills is a must. The idea is not only to learn Gregg's interpretation of these classics, but for you to put your "spin" on them so your vocabulary becomes part of your style. New Classic Drum Beats Every Monday!
Show Thumbnail Live Lesson Re-broadcasts

Live Lessons are on a variety of subjects with guest artists. This is the archive of live lessons that we will be adding to weekly. If you have a question on something you would like to learn, email us at and we will do our best to do a lesson on that subject.

Show Thumbnail DC Faculty - The Best Instructors In The World

Neil Peart, Peter Erskine, Chad Smith, Gregg Bissonette, Terry Bozzio, Alex Acuna, Danny Seraphine, Thomas Pridgen, Ralph Humphrey, JR Robinson, Tony Royster Jr, Chad Wackerman, Joe Porcaro and Marco Minnemann.
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