Basic Background Info

Birth: June 13, 1962
Location: Compton, California
Band: Lenny Kravitz
Genres: Rock, R&B, Hip Hop
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Instructor, Motivational Speaker


Zoro learned faith, resilience, and honor from his mother, who raised her six children Compton, California. Zoro’s mother continues to prove to have been a tremendously powerful influence on his life—Zoro has taken her lessons and transformed them into a drumming style. After Zoro bought a souvenir hat, his mother suggested he wear it during performances. Zoro's mother even helped to choose his nickname, "The Minister of Groove." All told, Zoro rightly attributes much of his success to his mother.

As a performer, Zoro is one of the most well-known and respected drummers playing today. Zoro has been called tenacious, dedicated, and passionate. Zoro's expertise ranges from rock and R&B to hip hop. His live performances are fan-pleasers, and his clinics are as entertaining as they are informative.  Zoro has performed with Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, New Edition, Jody Watley, Vanessa Paradis, Sean Lennon, Philip Bailey, Throttle Body Motorcycle Club, and Lisa Marie Presley.

Both Zoro's performance and clinics are renowned for hiss feel, drive, syncopation, and inspirational philosophy. Zoro plays with his heel down in order to achieve a “fatter sound” by striking and releasing quickly.

Modern Drummer magazine has repeatedly hailed Zoro as #1 R&B drummer and clinician. Zoro’s book, Commandments of R&B Drumming, was voted Modern Drummers readers’ #1 educational text. Zoro is also a motivational Christian speaker.  Zoro appears at festivals and churches around the world. Recently, Zoro relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1991 If Six Was Nine... (Bootleg) Lenny Kravitz
1991 Let Lenny Rule (Bootleg) Lenny Kravitz
1991 Mama Said Lenny Kravitz
1993 Great Lost Twilley Album Dwight Twilley
2004 Wrap Your Chops Chords
2004 Babylon Sjukan Various Artists
2004 African Dope Soundsystem Various Artists
2006 Gugs News Zoro
2007 Gugs Zoro
2007 Apollo Zoro
2007 African Dope's Greatest Hits Various Artists
2008 Heads UP 2007 Various Artists


  • "The band is allowed to just go up there and jam. And if you make a mistake, no big deal, you know? Lenny takes the attitude that, ‘So what if we make one minor mistake? We might have a great 20 minute jam that will never happen again!’ In my other gigs I wasn’t allowed that type of freedom." -Zoro

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Evans
Sticks: Vic Firth

Pics & Clips