Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Puerto Rico
Band: Independent
Genres: Latin
Instruments: Drums, Percussion
Occupation: Musician


Walter Rodriguez is a creative force in the world of multidirectional drumming and percussion. Walter Rodriguez's style has been evolving since birth--Walter's father was the top call musician for more than twenty years in Puerto Rico, where Walter was born. An eager student, Walter Rodriguez played at his father's side surrounded by music's finest, including Alex Acuña and Giovanni Hidalgo. As he got older, Walter Rodriguez combined piano studies alongside drumming, all while working as a sound engineer.

In his twenties, Walter Rodriguez left Puerto Rico to study at the Percussion Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, California. While a student, Alex Acuña mentored Walter both spiritually and musically. Symbolic of their mutual respect, Alex called Walter Rodriguez 'the drummer and percussionist of the new century.' 

Rather than merely focusing on one area of the musical spectrum, Walter Rodriguez studied Australian, Brazilian, African, and Indian instrumentation and technique. Walter also incorporated his early experiences as a sound engineer to make himself a better performer. In addition to his open-mindedness, Walter Rodriguez has brought charisma and character to each and every performance. Walter Rodriguez claims that this inner-sparkle is the direct result of his profound faith in Jesus Christ.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1990 Cry Johnnie Ray
1996 Giant Sleeps Pedro Eustache
1997 Passion Dance Herb Alpert
1997 Tributo a Grandes Voces Sophy
1997 Way Home Juan Carlos Quintero
1998 Francisco Madrigal Francisco Madrigal
1999 As We Enter In Rick Riso
1999 Easy Dwight Sills
1999 Jordan's Sister Kendall Payne
1999 Together Sandi Patty & Kathy Troccoli
1999 Traveler's Code Darryl Purpose
2000 Acuarela de Tambores Alex Acuna
2000 Awesome Wonder The Kurt Carr Singers
2000 Euge Groove Euge Groove
2000 Live from the Strip Kate Miner
2000 No Name Face Lifehouse
2000 Rhythms For A New Milennium Alejandro "Alex" AcuÒa
2001 Everywhere You Are Freddie Stone
2001 Musicos Juan Carlos Quintero
2002 Jukebox Sparrows Shannon McNally
2002 Receta de Amor Ernesto Macias
2004 My Music, My Friends, My Time Oskar Cartaya
2004 Oyaya! AngÈlique Kidjo
2005 Guitarra de PasiÛn Guitarra de Pasion
2005 Guitarra de Pasion, Vol. 2 Various Artists
2005 Live in America Promise Keepers
2006 Cumbias...Las Guitarras Juan Carlos Quintero
2006 Live: The Concert Event Yanni
2007 Full Circle CTA
2007 Hemispheres Phil Turcio/Ric Fierabracci/Joel Rosenbl
2007 Moodo Records Presents Guitarra de Pasion, Vol. 3 Various Artists
2008 Trio Nuevo + Dave Askren
2009 Star Trek (Movie Soundtrack) Michael Giacchino
2012 John Carter (Movie Soundtrack) Michael Giacchino
2012 As Night Falls Mark Gasbarro
2012 If You Love Me... Phyllis Justine
2014 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Movie Soundtrack) Michael Giacchino
2014 Come Back to Me Love Freda Payne
2014 Happy To Be Julie Kelly
2014 Sky Jeanne Newhall


  • Walter and his wife, Hosanna, have two children, Christopher Julian and Jaden Ray.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Percussion: Gon Bops
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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