Basic Background Info

Birth: December 9, 1972
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Band: Green Day
Genres: Rock, Punk
Instruments: Drums, Accordian, Guitar
Occupation: Musician


Tré Cool, born Frank Edwin Wright III in Frankfurt, Germany, grew up in Willits, California, with his father and two siblings. In Willits, Tré’s neighbor, Lookout! Records owner Lawrence Livermore, invited twelve-year-old Tré to join local punk outfit The Lookouts. Livermore donned the stage named Tré Cool (very cool in French).

Tré Cool regularly performed at 924 Gilman Street, the non-profit alternative music foundation in Berkeley. When Green Day (also of Lookout! Records) parted ways with drummer John Kiffmeyer, they scoured the Gilman Street scene for a viable replacement and found Tré Cool. The band practiced in Tré Cool’s father’s living room before embarking on tours—which they arrived at via overhauled bookmobile driven by Tré Cool’s father.

Green Day’s debut full-length album, Dookie, found huge success to the tune of 15 million records sold worldwide. Green Day’s popularity is credited with bringing punk into the mainstream during the 1990s. Green Day continued recording hit records and playing to sold-out tours. In 2006, Green Day won Record of the Year at the Grammys for the single “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

In addition to drumming for Green Day, Tré Cool often sings and plays guitar. For example, he sings and strums on "Dominated Love Slave" and "All by Myself."

Tré Cool has two children, Ramona and Frankito.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1992 Kerplunk Green Day
1994 Dookie Green Day
1997 Generations, Vol. 1: A Punk Look at Human Rights Various Artists
1997 Nimrod Green Day
1998 Foot in Mouth Green Day
1999 Live Tracks, Vols. 1 & 2 Green Day
2000 Take 2 Green Day
2001 Warning Green Day
2002 Shenanigans Green Day
2002 Thing That Ate Floyd Various Artists
2003 Skull Ring Iggy Pop
2005 American Idiot Green Day
2005 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day
2005 Bullet in a Bible Green Day
2005 Grammy Nominees 2005 Various Artists
2005 Holiday Green Day
2005 Jesus of Suburbia Green Day
2005 Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day
2009 21st Century Breakdown Green Day
2011 Awesome As Fuck Green Day
2012 ¡Uno! Green Day
2012 ¡Dos! Green Day
2012 ¡Tré! Green Day


  • "I never completed high school, and I am very rich and very successful."
  • Tre earned his GED after dropping out of high school and even enrolled in community college before Green Day touring obligations forced him to quit.
  • "I wish people would turn off their computers, go outside, talk to people, touch people, lick people, enjoy each other's company and smell each other on the rump." -Tré Cool

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Slingerland
Cymbals: Zildjian
Heads: Remo
Sticks: Zildjian

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