Terry Gibbs Interview | Part 1

Interview with Jazz Legend Terry Gibbs

Terry Gibbs Interview | Part 1

Terry Gibbs Part 1
Terry Gibbs discusses what makes a drummer great and drummers you should listen to. He also talks about his idols, Jo Jones and Buddy Rich. He reflects on being introduced to Bebop at its inception and the effect it had on his life.

Terry Gibbs Part 2
Being one of Buddy Rich’s best friends and bandmates, he tell some fun Buddy stories.

Terry Gibbs Part 3
Terry gives advice to young drummers and the importance of playing the ride cymbal. Also, the importance of every drummer to listen to Mel Lewis.

Terry Gibbs Part 4
See Terry play at age 91, as he talks about this new CD. He tells some Mel Lewis stories as he comments on “The Dream Band”, and gives some great advice to drummers.