Basic Background Info

Birth: August 8, 1961
Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Band: Poison
Genres: Hard Rock, Glam Metal
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Born Richard Allan Ream in Eastern Pennsylvania, Rikki Rockett is best known as the drummer for Poison.

In Pennsylvania in 1983, Rikki Rockett, Bret Michaels, Matt Smith, and Bobby Dall, created the band Paris. After relocating to Los Angeles and replacing Smith with C.C. DeVille, the band was renamed Poison. Strapped for cash and looking for recognition, Poison put on theatrical live shows by bringing old motorcycles and car parts on stage, wearing lots of makeup, hairspray, and strange clothes.

Their first album, 1986’s Look What the Cat Dragged In, sold poorly at first, but eventually climbed high on sales charts and sold 6,000,000 copies. Poison continued to record and sell albums, all similarly hard rocking and glamorous.

After replacing guitarist DeVille with fellow Pennsylvanian Richie Kotzen in 1992, Poison redirected their music to more serious subject matter in the vein of blues and rock. While critics praised the band’s new direction, the actual album sold poorly. Kotzen subsequently left the band (allegedly fired for a romantic relationship with Rikki’s ex-fiancée Deanna Eve) and he was replaced with Blues Saraceno.

Poison hit a roadblock while recording in the mid-1990s as the hair metal genre grew increasingly unpopular. Nonetheless, their Greatest Hits compilation, released in 1996, went platinum. Three years later, Poison embarked on their Greatest Hits reunion tour with DeVille. In 2000, they released Crack a Smile… And More!, an album full of their signature party anthems.

In 2003, Rikki Rockett released his first solo album, Glitter 4 Your Soul, a tribute to 1970s glam rock. He distributed the album online.

Poison subsequently released Power to the People, Hollyweird, and another compilation. In 2007, the band asked their fans (via MySpace) to choose classic rock songs for their upcoming covers album. They released POISON’D in summer 2007 and toured immediately.

Rikki Rockett announced the creation of Rockett Drum Works in April 2007. Rockett Drum Works is a boutique-style custom drum company. Rockett offers a full, custom line of 100% American made drums, created in a Southern California facility.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1986 Look What the Cat Dragged In Poison
1988 Open Up and SayÖAhh! Poison
1990 Flesh & Blood Poison
1991 Swallow This Live Poison
1993 Native Tongue Poison
1996 Poisonís Greatest Hits: 1986-1996 Poison
2000 Crack a SmileÖ and More! Poison
2000 Power to the People Poison
2002 Hollyweird Poison
2003 Best of Ballads & Blues Poison
2006 The Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock Poison
2007 POISON'D Poison
2008 Seven Days Live Poison
2008 Glitter for Your Soul Rikki Rockett


  • In 2008, Rikki was accused of raping a young woman at a casino in Mississippi. He was eventually exonerated when authorities determined that someone impersonating him was involved.

Instruments of Choice



Cymbals: Bosphorus
Heads: Aquarian
Sticks: Vater

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