Rick Latham's Serious Shuffles

Serious Shuffles

Instructor: Rick Latham

Rick Latham has played with some of the biggest names in the music industry. His credits range from Edgar Winter to Stevie Ray Vaughan. In this series of lessons, he will show you different stylistic interpretations of the shuffle, as well as exercises to improve your groove and coordination as it relates to the shuffle.

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Difficulty: Intermediate  6 Lessons

Rick Latham's Serious Shuffles


Funk Shuffles

Rick breaks down the nuances and differences of various funk shuffles. The funk shuffle has a tendency to sound and feel a bit "tighter" than its rock and blues counterparts.


Rock Shuffles

The rock shuffle is more focused on the lower sounds of the kit. The bass drum takes a more prominent place in the kit balance, and the patterns are simpler.


Jazz/Blues Shuffles

The blues shuffle is a must-know groove if you want to work as a professional drummer. Both the blues and jazz shuffles have slightly more emphasis on the higher sounds of the kit.


Shuffle Examples

Here are a bunch of different shuffle grooves with transcriptions provided for you so you can expand your library of shuffle vocabulary.



Review what we covered in this Master Class and go through some exercises that will help you in any trouble spots you may experience during the class.