Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Guyana, South America
Band: Incognito
Genres: Jazz, Funk, Electronica
Instruments: Drums, Bass
Occupation: Musician


Richard Bailey was born in Guyana and began his drumming career at nine by performing in his elder brother Robert’s band on percussion, drums, and occasionally bass guitar. Despite his young age, the band was one of the top bands in Trinidad and Tobago at the time. Richard Bailey also performed live on television as a duo with his brother, who played Hammond organ.

When Richard Bailey was twelve, his family immigrated to London, England, where Bailey enrolled in school. As the son of Emmanuel McDonald Bailey, an Olympic Bronze winner in the 100 meter, it was no surprise that Richard Bailey excelled in athletics, especially in the same sport that his father was accomplished in. Richard Bailey became Southern England school champ at the 100 meters. Richard Bailey still sat in on occasional practice sessions and performances. Despite his exemplary athletic performance in school, Richard Bailey dropped out at fifteen and decided to play drums instead. 

By sixteen, Richard Bailey was recording and touring throughout the United Kingdom and the U.S. with Johnny Nash and Bob Marley. By eighteen, Richard Bailey had recorded with Jeff Beck and appeared on Beck’s best-selling album, Blow by Blow. That same year, Richard Bailey also appeared on the soundtrack for the film Tommy. The film, based on The Who’s rock opera (of the same name) about a psychosomatically blind deaf-mute boy who becomes a pinball champion, faith healer, and religious cult figure, didn’t exactly skyrocket Bailey into fame and fortune, but it was certainly an eye-catcher on one’s résumé. 

In the early 1990s, Bailey joined the British acid jazz group Incognito and has been touring and recording with them ever since then. One of the forerunners in the British acid jazz movement, Incognito is helmed by musician and producer Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1974 I See the Light Batti Mamzelle
1975 Blow by Blow Jeff Beck
1976 Wire Jeff Beck
1980 Nightbird Paul Carrack
1981 Dolphin Ride The Breakfast Band
1983 Track Record Joan Armatrading
1983 White Flames Snowy White
1984 Snowy White Snowy White
1986 Rapso Takeover Brother Resistance
1993 Positivity Incognito
1995 100 degrees and Rising Incognito
1996 Remixed Incognito
1997 Beneath the Surface Incognito
1999 No Time Like the Future Incognito
2000 Future Remixed Incognito
2000 The Best Incognito
2001 Life, Stranger Than Fiction Incognito
2001 Who Needs Love Incognito
2004 Adventures in Black Sunshine Incognito
2005 Eleven Incognito
2005 Let the Music Play Incognito
2006 Bees + Things + Flowers Incognito
2007 Ave Asuka Kaneko
2007 Shanti Om Richard Bailey


  • Bailey appears on the soundtrack for the musical "Tommy."

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Sonor
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop Pedals
Percussion: LP Percussion
Sticks: Pro-Mark Oak, 707 Nylon Tip

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