Basic Background Info

Birth: January 30, 1951
Location: Chiswick, London, England
Band: Genesis, Brand X
Genres: Rock, Progressive, Pop
Instruments: Drums, Piano
Occupation: Musician



Phil Collins is best known for his sense of timing, rhythm, and innovation as a drummer. Phil Collins' unique sound is both immediately recognizable and impossible to duplicate. This talent coupled with hard work made Phil Collins one of the most successful pop and contemporary artists of the 1980s.

As a child actor, Phil Collins played in many bands as a young musician: The Real Thing, The Freehold, and Hickory / Flaming Youth. Phil Collins broke onto the music scene as a teenager when art-rock band Genesis, led by Peter Gabriel, selected Phil Collins to replace their drummer. Genesis' elaborate concept albums achieved moderate success both in the U.K. and the U.S. before Gabriel unexpectedly left the band in 1974. After fruitlessly auditioning hundreds of singers, Phil took over vocals for the band. With Phil Collins leading Genesis, their sound changed completely, and their record sales quickly went through the roof.

Almost simultaneously, Phil Collins launched his solo career with Face Value, which was even more successful than his work with Genesis. Phil Collins even played on Peter Gabriel's solo albums. Throughout the 1980s, Phil Collins juggled leading Genesis and performing solo with impeccable balance, judgment, and achievement. Phil Collins also regularly performed with jazz-fusion band Brand X. However, after his solo album Both Sides failed to live up to his high expectations, Phil Collins left Genesis in 1996. 

Phil Collins continued pursuing his solo career, often reverting to elements of his jazz roots. He even released an album of his own songs arranged for big band called A Hot Night in Paris. Phil has also regularly worked with Disney, creating soundtracks.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1971 Colin Scot with Friends Colin Scot
1971 Nursery Cryme Genesis
1972 Foxtrot Genesis
1973 Live Genesis
1973 Peter Banks Peter Banks
1973 Selling England by the Pound Genesis
1973 Two Sides of Peter Banks Peter Banks
1974 Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Genesis
1974 Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Eno
1975 Another Green World Eno
1975 Counterpoints Argent
1975 Gramaphone Record Eddie Howell
1975 Helen of Troy John Cale
1975 Rock Roots Genesis
1975 Startling Music David Hentschel
1975 Teaser Tommy Bolin
1975 Voyage of the Acolyte Steve Hackett
1976 Johnny the Fox Thin Lizzy
1976 Solo Casting William Lyall
1976 Trick of the Tail Genesis
1976 Unorthodox Behaviour Brand X
1976 Vimana Nova
1976 Wind & Wuthering Genesis
1977 Before and After Science Brian Eno
1977 Geese & the Ghost Anthony Phillips
1977 Just a Story from America Elliott Murphy
1977 Livestock Brand X
1977 Morrocan Roll Brand X
1977 Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel
1977 Round the Back Cafe Jacques
1977 Seconds Out Genesis
1978 And Then There Were Three Genesis
1978 Cafe Jacques International Cafe Jacques
1978 Follow You Follow Me Genesis
1978 Moving Home Rod Argent
1978 Music for Films Brian Eno
1978 Pleasure Signals Wilding - Bonus
1979 Exposure Robert Fripp
1979 I Can See Your House from Here Camel
1979 Pentateuch of the Cosmogony Dave Greenslade
1979 Product Brand X
1980 Do They Hurt? Brand X
1980 Duke Genesis
1980 Grace & Danger John Martyn
1980 Orleans Orleans
1980 QE2 Mike Oldfield
1980 Red Cab to Manhattan Stephen Bishop
1980 Sacred Songs Daryl Hall
1981 Abacab Genesis
1981 Face Value Phil Collins
1981 Glorious Fool John Martyn
1981 Immunity Rupert Hine
1981 Skinningrove Bay Various Artists
1982 Hello, I Must Be Going! Phil Collins
1982 Is There Anything About Brand X
1982 Lead Me to the Water Gary Brooker
1982 Pictures at Eleven Robert Plant
1982 Prince's Trust Rock Gala Various Artists
1982 Secret Policeman's Other Ball Various Artists
1982 Something's Going On Frida
1982 Three Sides Live Genesis
1982 Waving Not Drowning Rupert Hine
1983 Genesis Genesis
1983 Live at Perkins Palace Phil Collins
1983 Principle of Moments Robert Plant
1983 Scenario Al di Meola
1983 Strip Adam Ant
1983 Video Compilation Phil Collins
1984 Against All Odds Original Soundtrack
1984 Banded Together Lee Ritenour
1984 Chinese Wall Philip Bailey
1984 Risky Business Original Soundtrack
1984 Secret Policeman's Private Parts Various Artists
1985 Back to the Future Original Soundtrack
1985 Behind the Sun Eric Clapton
1985 Miami Vice Original TV Soundtrack
1985 Network Robert Fripp
1985 No Jacket Required Phil Collins
1985 Porky's Revenge! Original Soundtrack
1985 White Nights Original Soundtrack
1986 Action Replay Howard Jones
1986 August Eric Clapton
1986 Break Every Rule Tina Turner
1986 Desert Island Selection Brian Eno
1986 Destiny Chaka Khan
1986 Eric Clapton & Friends Eric Clapton
1986 Hits Adam Ant
1986 Invisible Touch Genesis
1986 Miami Vice II Original TV Soundtrack
1986 One to One Howard Jones
1986 Playing for Keeps Original Soundtrack
1986 Press to Play Paul McCartney
1987 12''ers Phil Collins
1987 Interview Picture Disc Phil Collins
1987 X-Trax Brand X
1988 Atlantic Hit 45's '80-88 Various Artists
1988 Buster Original Soundtrack
1988 Crossroads Eric Clapton
1988 In the Air (88 Remix) Phil Collins
1988 Indestructible The Four Tops
1988 Invisible Touch Live Genesis
1989 Bowling in Paris Stephen Bishop
1989 But Seriously Phil Collins
1989 Journeyman Eric Clapton
1989 Seeds of Love Tears for Fears
1989 Singles Collection Phil Collins
1989 Twins Original Soundtrack
1990 African Anthem Revisited Mikey Dread
1990 Antics in the Forbidden Zone Adam & The Ants/Adam Ant
1990 But Seriously...The Videos Phil Collins
1990 Inside Out Philip Bailey
1990 Knebworth: The Album Various Artists
1990 My Kind of Girl Foxy Brown
1990 Serious Hits...Live! Phil Collins
1990 Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats Peter Gabriel
1990 Something Happened on the Way to Heaven Phil Collins
1990 That's Just the Way It Is Phil Collins
1990 Virgin Value Collector Series 7 Various Artists
1991 24 Nights Eric Clapton
1991 Atlantic Rock & Roll Box Various Artists
1991 Best of Fourplay Fourplay
1991 Simply the Best Tina Turner
1991 Two Rooms: Celebrating the Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin Various Artists
1991 U.S. Rock 'N Roll Anthology, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1991 We Can't Dance Genesis
1992 Couldn't Love You More John Martyn
1992 Diamonds by the Yard Elliott Murphy
1992 Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol. 1 (The Shorts) Genesis
1992 Sailing Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops
1992 Secret Policeman's Concert Various Artists
1992 Three Sides Live Genesis
1993 Best of Howard Jones Howard Jones
1993 Both Sides of the Story Phil Collins
1993 Both Sides Phil Collins
1993 Echoes: The Retrospective Camel
1993 Eno Box II: Vocals Brian Eno
1993 Harbor Lights Bruce Hornsby
1993 Masterpieces Various Artists
1993 No Little Boy John Martyn
1993 Now: 1988 Various Artists
1993 Now: 1989 Various Artists
1993 Now: 1990 Various Artists
1993 Peter & The Wolf Various Artists
1993 Press to Play Paul McCartney
1993 Thousand Roads David Crosby
1994 Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant Adam & the Ants/Adam Ant
1994 Collected Recordings - Sixties to Nineties Tina Turner
1994 Elixir Fourplay
1994 Eno Box I: Instrumentals Brian Eno
1994 Everyday Phil Collins
1994 Grammy's Greatest Moments, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1994 Hits Der 80's, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1994 In the Air Tonight: Virgin's Greatest Hits Various Artists
1994 In the House of Stone & Light Martin Page
1994 Marscape Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley
1994 Now, Vol. 27 Various Artists
1994 On & On: The Hits of Stephen Bishop Stephen Bishop
1994 Peter & The Wolf Peter & The Wolf
1994 Platinum/QE2/Five Miles Out Mike Oldfield
1994 Q's Jook Joint Quincy Jones
1994 Rare Rock Mixes Various Artists
1994 Seducing Down the Door: A Collection 1970-1990 John Cale
1994 Three Sides Live Genesis
1994 Tribute to Curtis Mayfield Various Artists
1994 You Can't Hurry Love: The Motown Covers Album Various Artists
1995 And I Love You So Various Artists
1995 Best Rock Ballads in the World...Ever Various Artists
1995 Both Sides Phil Collins
1995 Kuschelrock, Vol. 9 Various Artists
1995 Mark I Empire
1995 Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology John Martyn
1995 Tonin' The Manhattan Transfer
1995 Ultimate 80's Ballads Various Artists
1996 And John Martyn
1996 Best Rock Anthems in the World...Ever! Various Artists
1996 Dance into the Light Phil Collins
1996 From Clare to Here: The Songs of Ralph McTell Ralph McTell
1996 Island Years John Cale
1996 It Takes Two Various Artists
1996 Power of Love Various Artists
1996 Songs of West Side Story Various Artists
1996 Supernatural Fairy Tales: The Progressive Rock Era Various Artists
1997 Beautiful Hollywood Cincinnati Pops Orchestra/Eric Kunzel
1997 History: 1976-1980 Brand X
1997 Hot Duets Various Artists
1997 Hot Mixx Mr. Quikk
1997 In the Air Tonight Phil Collins
1997 Jazz Fusion, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1997 Mood for Love Keith Kill
1998 Atlantic Records 50 Years: The Gold Anniversary Various Artists
1998 Best of Love: 16 Great Soft Rock Hits Various Artists
1998 Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 4 Various Artists
1998 Demo Mix Down on Broadway Genesis
1998 First Generation: Virgin 25 Years Various Artists
1998 Forever Loved Jimmy Reid
1998 Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967-1975 Genesis
1998 Guitar Heroes Various Artists
1998 Hits Phil Collins
1998 In My Life George Martin
1998 Kuschelrock, Vol. 12 Various Artists
1998 Kuschelrock, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1998 Kuschelrock, Vol. 6 Various Artists
1998 Live & Learn Daryl Stuermer
1998 Live from the Board Phil Collins
1998 Mi Respuesta Laura Pausini
1998 Missing Period Brand X
1998 My Melody Queen Pen
1998 Now, Vol. 41 Various Artists
1998 Now: 1988 Various Artists
1998 Now: 1989 Various Artists
1998 Now: 1990 Various Artists
1998 Very Best of John Martyn John Martyn
1999 Best of Love Various Artists
1999 Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton
1999 Classic Tracks Bunny Berigan
1999 First Things 1st Ricky Lawson
1999 Hot Night in Paris The Phil Collins Big Band
1999 Kuschelrock, Vol. 13 Various Artists
1999 Kuschelrock, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1999 Kuschelrock, Vol. 3 Various Artists
1999 Kuschelrock, Vol. 5 Various Artists
1999 Kuschelrock, Vol. 7 Various Artists
1999 L.A. Jazz Syndicate, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1999 Live at the Wiltern CPR
1999 Music of the Millennium, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1999 Now, Vol. 44 Various Artists
1999 Now: 1981 Various Artists
1999 Now: 1982 Various Artists
1999 Now: 1984 Various Artists
1999 Now: 1985 Various Artists
1999 Now: 1993 Various Artists
1999 Seeds of Love Tears for Fears
1999 Simply the Best Tina Turner
1999 Tarzan Original Soundtrack
1999 Turn It on Again: The Hits Genesis
1999 Voices of Jazz Various Artists
1999 X-Files: A 20 Year Retrospective Brand X
2000 Antbox Adam Ant
2000 Anthology Al di Meola
2000 Billboard Top Hits: 1990 Various Artists
2000 Bloom Like a Flower Bennetta Ann Chisholm
2000 Bravo Hits, Vol. 31 Various Artists
2000 Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton
2000 Couldn't Love You More/No Little Boy John Martyn
2000 David Copperfield: The Sound of Magic Various Artists
2000 Disney's Greatest Hits Various Artists
2000 Genesis Archives, Vol. 2: 1976-1992 Genesis
2000 Heartbreak of Rock Various Artists
2000 In My Life George Martin
2000 Kuschelrock, Vol. 14 Various Artists
2000 Love, Vol. 4 Various Artists
2000 Radio's #1 Hits: The Very Best of the '80s Various Artists
2000 Singles+ The Four Tops
2000 Slow Motion Century Edition Various Artists
2000 Superstars in Concert Various Artists
2000 Today Presents: The Best of the Summer Concert Series Various Artists
2001 '80s Pop Hits Various Artists
2001 Billboard Top Hits of the 90's Various Artists
2001 Chart Toppers Various Artists
2001 Concert du Siecle Various Artists
2001 Disney's Greatest Hits 1 & 2 Various Artists
2001 Disney's Greatest, Vol. 1 Disney
2001 Disney's Greatest, Vol. 2 Disney
2001 Fourever The Four Tops
2001 In the Air Tonite, Pt. 1 Lil' Kim & Phil Collins
2001 Just the Best 2001, Vol. 4 Various Artists
2001 Kuschelrock, Vol. 15 Various Artists
2001 Lunar Sea: An Anthology 1973-1985 Camel
2001 Music of the Millenium Various Artists
2001 One in a Million Shankar & Gingger
2001 Ricky Lawson and Friends Ricky Lawson
2001 Shankar & Gingger Shankar & Gingger
2001 Shout: The Very Best of Tears for Fears Tears for Fears
2001 Smooth Grooves: Steppin' Out Various Artists
2001 Unplugged/Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton
2001 Year in Your Life: 1985, Vol. 1 Various Artists
2002 Anthology Anthony Philips
2002 Chicken Soup for the Soul: Another Helping of Celebrating Life Various Artists
2002 Classics John Martyn
2002 Disney's Superstar Hits Disney
2002 Duets of the Millennium Various Artists
2002 Elements: Mike Oldfield 1973-1991 Mike Oldfield
2002 Everything 80's Various Artists
2002 Hit Me with Your 80's Box! Various Artists
2002 Love Album: Classics Various Artists
2002 Paid in Full Original Soundtrack
2002 Party at the Palace: The Queen's Jubilee Concert Various Artists
2002 Phil Collins: The Ultimate Tribute Evening Star Orchestra
2002 Soul Hits of the 80's Various Artists
2002 Testify Phil Collins
2002 Ultimate Power of Love Various Artists
2002 Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels Thin Lizzy
2003 All the 80's Various Artists
2003 Awakening Raphael Rudd
2003 Biggest Hits of the 80's Various Artists
2003 Brother Bear Original Soundtrack
2003 Circa 1990 Arnold McCuller
2003 Essential Adam Ant Adam Ant
2003 Hit Peter Gabriel
2003 Hurting/Seeds of Love/Songs from the Big Chair Tears for Fears
2003 I Wish I Knew Silvano Bazan Trio/Phil Collins
2003 Jungle Book 2 Disney
2003 Macrocosm: Introducing...Brand X Brand X
2003 Sixty Six to Timbuktu Robert Plant
2003 Trilogy Brand X
2004 20th Century Masters - DVD Collection: Ladies of the 80's Various Artists
2004 All the Best Tina Turner
2004 Dance of the Heart: His Best & More Stephen Bishop
2004 Finally... The First Farewell Tour Phil Collins
2004 Greatest Hits Thin Lizzy
2004 Greatest Radio Hits Bruce Hornsby
2004 Inside Genesis: 1975-1980 Genesis
2004 Love Songs: A Compilation...Old and New Phil Collins
2004 Mad Dog Days John Martyn
2004 Platinum Collection Phil Collins
2004 Platinum Collection Genesis
2004 Sixty Six to Timbuktu Robert Plant
2004 Walt Disney Records Presents Superstar Hits Disney
2005 Adam Ant Remastered Adam Ant
2005 Chronicles: The Hurting/Songs from the Big Chair/The Seeds... Tears for Fears
2005 Disney Wishes! Disney
2005 Disney's Greatest Hits Disney
2005 Golden Slumbers: A Father's Love Various Artists
2005 Greatest Hits Thin Lizzy
2005 Housework Songs Various Artists
2005 Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now Various Artists
2005 Inside Genesis: The Gabriel Years 1970-1975... Genesis
2005 Music for Films Brian Eno
2005 Night of Blistering Blues B.B. King & Friends
2005 Selects Her Favorite Disney Songs Julie Andrews
2005 Something's Going On Frida
2005 Strip Adam Ant
2005 Tommy and Quadrophenia: Live The Who
2005 Ultimate Collection Howard Jones
2005 Ultimate Disney Disney
2005 Video Show Genesis
2005 Voyage of the Acolyte Steve Hackett
2006 Colin Scot Colin Scot
2006 Driving Songs Various Artists
2006 Exposure Robert Fripp
2006 Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973 Various Artists
2006 Greatest Hits Thin Lizzy
2006 Live at Montreux 1986 Eric Clapton
2006 New Beginnings Gerald Albright
2006 Nine Lives Robert Plant
2006 Original Syn 1965-2004 Syn
2006 Tarzan Original Broadway Cast
2006 Tommy Live The Who
2006 Very Best of Adam & the Ants: Stand and Deliver Adam & the Ants
2006 Voyage David Crosby
2007 1983-1998 Genesis
2007 Abacab Genesis
2007 And Then There Were Three Genesis
2007 Bagrock to the Masses Red Hot Chilli Pipers
2007 Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton
2007 Complete Clapton Eric Clapton
2007 Duke Genesis
2007 Genesis 1976-1982 Genesis
2007 Genesis 1983-1998 Genesis
2007 Genesis Genesis
2007 Grace & Danger John Martyn
2007 Invisible Touch Genesis
2007 Live Over Europe 2007 Genesis
2007 Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 68 Various Artists
2007 Nu Mixx Classics, Vol. 2 2Pac
2007 Pictures at Eleven Robert Plant
2007 Principle of Moments Robert Plant
2007 Trick of the Tail Genesis
2007 Turn It on Again: The Hits Genesis
2007 We Can't Dance Genesis
2007 Wind & Wuthering Genesis
2008 Geese & The Ghost Anthony Phillips
2008 Greatest Musicals Various Artists
2008 Live at Montreux 1996 Quincy Jones
2010 Going Back Phil Collins
2013 But Seriously Phil Collins


  • Phil played Phil The Shill in an episode of Miami Vice. The video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories reprised this role and includes Phil performing "In the Air Tonight" in a scene in the game .
  • Phil has been married three times and has five children.
  • Most recently Phil lived near Lake Geneva in Switzerland, where he was close to his children from his third marriage.

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Latin Percussion
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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