Basic Background Info

Birth: 1967
Location: Umea, Norrland, Sweden
Band: Kaipa, Box, Frank Zappa, The Flesh Quartet
Genres: Progressive Rock
Instruments: Drum
Occupation: Musician


When he was three years old, Morgan Agren discovered that he liked to hit things: cans, buckets, anything. Perhaps in an effort to save their cookware and furniture, his parents bought him a drum set at the age of five. For the most part, Morgan taught himself to play by ear while listening to records and concerts. Seeing Buddy Rich perform when Morgan was just a ten-year-old inspired him, and as Morgan said,"opened up a lot." For Morgan "inspiration was, and still is one of the more important things."

Four years later, Morgan was set up with Mats Oberg to perform at a local concert. Mats was only ten years old, but he listened to Miles Davis, Mahavichnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, and Earth, Wind & Fire, sang, and played the piano. He was also blind. Morgan and Mats played at that local concert together, and their lives were forever changed. Morgan reflected on meeting Mats in an interview and said, "I rate meeting with Mats as one of the biggest gifts and most important of my life. I'd just say that he is one of the most amazing musicians [that] ever lived." To this day, they have an unbreakable musical bond and still play together.

Three years later, Morgan, Mats, and some friends created Zappsteetoot, a live Frank Zappa cover band. In 1988 Frank Zappa went to Stockholm on tour. Mats' uncle contacted the tour leader and told him about their act. Frank invited Morgan and Mats to perform a song with him on stage in front of 10,000 people--with only thirty minutes notice. Against the thunderous applause following the performance, Frank Zappa introduced the pair saying, "Those guys were great!"

A few years later, Morgan and Mats joined Frank Zappa in Los Angeles for several projects, including Grammy Award winner Zappa's Universe and a classical program at the Lincoln Center's Performers Series in New York. Morgan also shared the drummer's seat with Terry Bozzio and Dweezil Zappa on Zappa's Shampoohorn album.

In 1996 Morgan began touring Europe and Japan as a member of The Glen Hughes Band. That same year, he created his own record label so he could easily release his work. Since then, he released more than twenty albums. Morgan continues to work closely with Mats, as well as the bands Kaipa and Box.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1990 Far Away Cabazz
1991 Zappa's Universe Zappa's Universe
1993 Zappa's Universe (Video) Zappa's Universe
1994 Shampoohorn Z
1995 Live Swedish Jazz
1997 The Music or the Money Mats/Morgan
1998 Radio Dada Mats/Morgan
2000 Automatic Dweezil Zappa
2001 Live Mats/Morgan
2002 On Air With Guests Mats/Morgan
2002 Notes From the Past Kaipa
2002 Trends and Other Diseases Mats/Morgan
2003 Keyholder Kaipa
2003 Mystery Tracks Archives, Vol. 3 Steve Vai
2005 Mindrevolutions Kaipa
2005 Thanks for Flying with Us Mats/Morgan Band
2006 De-Evolution of Yasmine Bleeth Sir Millard Mulch
2006 Update Miles Live Tribute Allstars
2007 Angling Feelings Kaipa
2007 Viandra (Japanese Bonus Track) Lars Hollmer
2008 Heat Beats Live/Tourbook 1991 (CD/DVD) Mats/Morgan
2008 Studio 1 Box


  • When Morgan and Mats performed with Frank Zappa in Stockholm, they played the song "T'Mershi Duween." The song had never been officially recorded—Morgan and Mats knew of it only from listening to bootlegs. They taped themselves playing it and brought it for Frank. He obviously liked what he heard because he suggested that they perform it. Morgan and Mats had only previously played "T'Mershi Duween" one time, and that more than a year before.
  • Morgan and Mats planned several other projects with Frank Zappa, but they all fell through.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Pearl
Cymbals: Sabian
Electronics: Shure Microphones
Sticks: Vic Firth

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