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Birth: September 8, 1956
Location: Los Angeles, California
Band: Dokken
Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


In the late 1970s, George Lynch, Mick Brown, and Don Dokken started out their musical careers as The Boyz before renaming themselves Dokken in 1976. While their first album, Breaking the Chains, did garner much attention in the United States, it made the band very popular in Europe. With the addition of bassist Jeff Pilson, the follow-up entitled Tooth and Nail was infinitely more popular.

The 1980s were the height of the pop-metal revolution, and Dokken provided the requisite captivation, thrill, energy, and power ballads to sell countless albums to their adoring public. Dokken recorded several albums during this era, and most of them reached platinum status.

However, in 1988 the band cited creative differences and split up. But after just a few years apart, the band reunited in 1992 and released an album in 1995. Surprisingly, the album Dysfunctional received unforgiving reviews and lackluster sales. They followed with a live recording and another studio album, but both received equally poor responses.

After several unpopular albums and even more personnel changes, Mick Brown said Dokken's Lightning Strikes Again is a real return to their sound from the 1980s (as their record company refused to record their modern material). '[The songs] sound like they came right off those [1980s] records. Itís amazing how spooky that is,' says Mick.

After nearly twenty-five years of playing only with Dokken, Mick Brown joined Ted Nugent's touring band. 'Playing with Ted is just something else, a real shot in the arm. He's the Original King of The Wild 70s--he's everything and Superman.' When Dokken returned to the touring circuit after releasing Lightning Strikes Again, Mick Brown played with Dokken when he could, and drummer Vic Foxx filled in for him when Mike performed with Nugent.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1982 Breaking the Chains Dokken
1984 Tooth and Nail Dokken
1985 Under Lock and Key Dokken
1987 Back for the Attack Dokken
1988 Beast from the East Dokken
1989 Back in the Streets Dokken
1992 Flow Goes the Universe Laraaji
1995 One Live Night Dokken
1995 Dysfunctional Dokken
1997 Shadowlife Dokken
1998 Stone Cold Metal Steve Austin
1999 Very Best of Dokken Dokken
1999 Erase the Slate Dokken
2002 Then & Now Dokken
2002 Long Way Home Dokken
2003 Live from the Sun Dokken
2003 Japan Live ‘95 Dokken
2004 Hell to Pay Dokken
2005 Live Dokken
2007 From Conception: Live 1981 Dokken
2007 Lightning Strikes Again Dokken


  • Mick performed the vocals on Dokken's live acoustic album, One Live Night, for the song Tooth and Nail in 1995.
  • He composed the song "Dream Warriors" for the 1987 movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.
  • It is said that the nickname "Wild" Mick came from Mick's inclination to create alternate lyrics for songs, in the "Weird Al" Yankovic style.

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