Basic Background Info

Birth: April 17, 1967
Location: San Pedro, California
Band: Tori Amos, Critters Buggin, Floratone, Zane Grey, Ten Hands, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Pearl Jam, Saturday Night Live Band, Weapon of Choice, Fiona Apple, THRUSTER!, The Wallflowers
Genres: Rock, Pop, R&B
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Matt Chamberlain was born on April 17, 1967, in San Pedro, California. When he was in his early childhood, he was influenced by drummers Ringo Starr, Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio, Stewart Copeland, and Elvin Jones. However, it was not until he was ten years old when Matt began playing the drums. He was given his first drum set by his parents when he was fifteen. He studied and played with David Garibaldi, Murray Spivack, Chuck Flores, and Greg Bissonette.

Matt was offered a scholarship to study at North Texas State University in Denton when he was eighteen. In the mid-1980s, Matt became involved in the Deep Ellum scene, which is a former factory district turned music and arts area of Dallas, Texas. This is where he became a professional drummer. It was during his time in Deep Ellum that he briefly joined the local band Ten Hands. Shortly afterwards, he joined in with Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians. At that time, they were known simply as New Bohemians and were gigging in the area with bands like Bad Brains, Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 10,000 Maniacs, Decadent Dub Team, and The Flaming Lips. After Chamberlain graduated college in 1988, he began touring and recording with them until 1991. Matt’s reputation as an excellent drummer seemed to precede him wherever he went.

In 1991, Matt Chamberlain joined Pearl Jam following the departure of Dave Krusen. He briefly toured and recorded with the band and drummed during the filmed live performance for the “Alive” music video. You can also hear him on Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler playing a live version of Alive. Chamberlain was with Pearl Jam for a startlingly short time. He ended up recommending Dave Abbruzzese as his replacement.
Matt Chamberlain will be replacing Matt Cameron for Soundgarden's 2014 tour, as Cameron has a prior commitment in Pearl Jam


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1990 Ghost of a Dog Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
1992 Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler Pearl Jam/Various Artists
1993 Bakers Pink Bakers Pink
1994 EDC Satchel
1994 Fruit of Life Wild Colonials
1994 Guest Critters Buggin
1994 Procreations Prose & Concepts
1995 Power Moves James Reynolds
1995 The Tattooed Heart Aaron Neville
1995 Acoustic Earth Various Artists
1995 Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen Peter Gabriel
1995 Miramar Collection, Vol. 2 James Reynolds
1995 House Where You Live Red Shoes For Nancy
1996 Sweetie Daniel Tashian
1996 Bringing Down the Horse The Wallflowers
1996 Gus Gus
1996 Tidal Fiona Apple
1996 The Beginning.The Middle.The End Kristen Barry
1996 Omnipop (It's Only a Flesh Wound Lambchop) Sam Phillips
1997 Host Critters Buggin
1997 The Full Sentence Pigeonhed
1997 Hint of Mess Andrew Dorff
1997 Brendan Lynch Brendan Lynch
1997 Sacred Ground Kimberly Bass
1997 Eighteen Over Me Garrison Starr
1997 Skyward Skyward
1998 Big Top Shop Talk McKinley
1998 1998 Grammy Nominees Fiona Apple
1998 Nutmeg Phantasy Weapon of Choice
1998 The Collection David Torn
1998 From the Choirgirl Hotel Tori Amos
1998 Songs from an English Garden David Lanz
1998 Adam Cohen Adam Cohen
1998 Bumpa Critters Buggin
1998 Speak of the Devil Chris Isaak
1998 Spirit Trail Bruce Hornsby
1999 Message in a Bottle: Original Soundtrack Various Artists
1999 Talk on Corners: Special Edition The Corrs
1999 The Long Road Back Chuck Negron
1999 On How Life Is Macy Gray
1999 Falling Forward Willy Porter
1999 To Venus and Back Tori Amos
1999 The Dance Dave Koz
1999 Breakdown Melissa Etheridge
1999 Colour Moving and Still Chantal Kreviazuk
1999 Amoeba Critters Buggin
1999 When the Pawn Fiona Apple
2000 Grammy Nominees 2000 Macy Gray
2000 Key of a Minor Jessica Riddle
2000 Evan and Jaron Evan and Jaron
2000 Oah Splattercell
2000 Breach The Wallflowers
2000 Another Rosie Christmas Macy Gray and Rosie O'Donnell
2000 Ally McBeal: A Very Ally Christmas Vonda Shepard
2000 Demons The Malachy Papers
2001 Solo dc Talk
2001 Trouble in Shangri-La Stevie Nicks
2001 Keeping the Dream Alive: Race to Erase M.S. Macy Gray
2001 Trust No One Dave Navarro
2001 Room with a View Carolyn Dawn Johnson
2001 Stereotype Be Kevin Max
2001 The Herethereafter Miranda Lee Richards
2001 Bayleaf Stone Gossard
2001 Strange Little Girls Tori Amos
2001 Greatest Hits Martina McBride
2001 Beautiful Garbage Garbage
2001 Songs from the West Coast Elton John
2001 Love, Shelby Shelby Lynne
2001 Motherland Natalie Merchant
2001 Epic Records: A Season of Soul and Sounds Macy Gray
2002 Chromeflies Chromeflies
2002 Jukebox Sparrows Shannon McNally
2002 Before the Beginning Aja Daashuur
2002 Cake and Pie Lisa Loeb
2002 Thinking Room Anika Moa
2002 This Is Ty Herndon: Greatest Hits Ty Herndon
2002 The Ultimate Collection Edie Brickell
2002 Mercy Abandon Jalopy
2002 Wake Sheila Nicholls
2002 Little Big Town Little Big Town
2002 Heathen David Bowie
2002 Back to the Innocence Seven and the Sun
2002 Largo Brad Mehldau
2002 Five Star Motel Andy Stochansky
2002 Looking for Landmarks Two Loons for Tea
2002 Consent The Devlins
2002 Stanley Climbfall Lifehouse
2002 OK Go OK Go
2002 Woven & Spun Nichole Nordeman
2002 Hello Lisa Lisa Loeb
2002 Golden Road Keith Urban
2002 Cry Faith Hill
2002 Scarlet's Walk Tori Amos
2002 Stripped Christina Aguilera
2002 Toward the Sun Jeffrey Gaines
2003 Pay the Girl Pay the Girl
2003 To Whom It May Concern Lisa Marie Presley
2003 Falling Uphill Lillix
2003 Liz Phair Liz Phair
2003 Poetry & Aeroplanes Teitur
2003 Restless Sara Evans
2003 Share: Songs of Hope, Awareness and Recovery for Everyone Martina McBride
2003 Heavier Things John Mayer
2003 Reality David Bowie
2003 Martina Martina McBride
2003 Beneath These Fireworks Matt Nathanson
2003 Tales of a Librarian Tori Amos
2004 Greatest Radio Hits Bruce Hornsby
2004 Van Hunt Van Hunt
2004 Dress Rehearsal Carolyn Dawn Johnson
2004 Carved In Stone: Live At Red Rocks, Vol. ll Tori Amos
2004 Everyone Is Here Finn Brothers
2004 Stampede Critters Buggin
2004 All Things New Steven Curtis Chapman
2004 Be Here Keith Urban
2004 Has Been William Shatner
2004 I Heart Huckabees: Soundtrack Jon Brion
2004 Luke Temple Luke Temple
2004 Pearl Days Elisa
2005 Live: Seattle, WA 4/2/04 THRUSTER!
2005 The Beekeeper Tori Amos
2005 Smashing the Ceiling Magdalen Hsu-Li
2005 Gratitude Gratitude
2005 Susie Suh Susie Suh
2005 Now What Lisa Marie Presley
2005 Hold a Match for a Gasoline World Luke Temple
2005 Wreck of the Day Anna Nalick
2005 The Very Best of Lisa Loeb Lisa Loeb
2005 We Will Become Like Birds Erin McKeown
2005 Fires Nerina Pallot
2005 Fireflies Faith Hill
2005 Firewire Larry Carlton
2005 Reveal Jess Pillmore
2005 Retrospective: 1995-2005 Natalie Merchant
2005 Days Go By Keith Urban
2005 See the Sun Black Lab
2005 Home The Corrs
2005 Real Fine Place Sara Evans
2005 Ultimatum The Long Winters
2005 Intensive Care Robbie Williams
2005 Separate Ways Teddy Thompson
2005 Matt Chamberlain Matt Chamberlain
2005 Oral Fixation Vol. 2 Shakira
2005 Feels Like Home Sara Evans
2006 Box Mellowdrone
2006 The Believer Rhett Miller
2006 Water & Bridges Kenny Rogers
2006 Ringleader of the Tormentors Morrissey
2006 Daniel Powter Daniel Powter
2006 Live at the Croc Slow Music
2006 Best of Chris Isaak Chris Isaak
2006 III Yoshida Brothers
2006 Intersections (1985-2005) Bruce Hornsby
2006 LP Landon Pigg
2006 Misplaced Moshav Band
2006 Clouds Electric Johanna Kunin
2006 The Definitive Collection Shelby Lynne
2006 Despite Our Differences Indigo Girls
2006 Fly Zucchero
2006 A Piano: The Collection Tori Amos
2006 Friendly Fire Sean Lennon
2006 Peace, Love and Coondawgs Cody McCarver
2006 Awake Josh Groban
2006 Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection The Corrs
2006 Charlotte's Web: Original Score Danny Elfman
2006 Now and Then Steven Curtis Chapman
2006 Hand Up, Head Down The Youngs
2007 Passion Leaves a Trace Black Lab
2007 Life in Cartoon Motion Mika
2007 II Viktor Krauss
2007 The Story Brandi Carlile
2007 Waking Up Bethany Dillon
2007 Waking Up Laughing Martina McBride
2007 Prezens David Torn
2007 American Doll Posse Tori Amos
2007 Indiana Jon McLaughlin
2007 On a Clear Night Missy Higgins
2007 Little Voice Sara Bareilles
2007 Cole Deggs & The Lonesome Cole Deggs & The Lonesome
2007 Caterpillar Elisa
2007 Jessica Callahan Jessica Callahan
2007 Live at Tonic Marco Benevento
2007 Here and Now Katrina Carlson
2007 Floratone Floratone
2007 Nine Lucid Dreams Two Loons for Tea
2007 Kismet Jesca Hoop
2007 Ripe Ben Lee
2007 Heroes & Thieves Vanessa Carlton
2007 Carnival Ride Carrie Underwood
2007 Let the Woman Andy Davis
2007 The Yelm Sessions Eyvind Kang
2007 Bowie Box Set David Bowie
2008 Organica: ONE Dan Phelps
2008 Invisible Baby Marco Benevento
2008 Safe Trip Home Dido
2008 Somewhere In the Real World Vanessa Amorosi
2008 Stebmo Stebmo
2008 Sycamore Meadows Butch Walker
2008 Rarities, B-Sides & Other Stuff Vol. 2  Sarah McLachlan
2008 Music for Pictures Trey Gunn
2008 Mopping Up Karma  Judith Owens
2008 Meiko Meiko
2008 Love On the Inside Sugarland
2008 Is It O.K. Serena Ryder
2008 Invisible Baby Marco Benevento
2008 From the Sun Vonda Shepard
2008 Fierce Angel Angels Fall
2008 Dancing Elisa
2008 Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan Sarah McLachlan
2008 Born to Fly/Restless Sara Evans
2008 Stepbrothers (Movie Soundtrack) Stepbrothers
2008 Yes Man (Movie Soundtrack) Yes Man
2008 Legs and Boots Tori Amos
2009 Volume One The Droge & Summer's Blend
2009 Time to Move Crosby Loggins
2009 The Boy Who Knew Too Much Mika
2009 The Best of Ally McBeal: The Songs of Vonda Shepard Vonda Shepard
2009 Take Us to the Start Matt Hires
2009 Swords Morrissey
2009 Shine Martina McBride
2009 Poseidon and the Bitter Bug Indigo Girls
2009 Oog Casey Driessen
2009 My Walking Stick Jim Byrnes
2009 Midwinter Graces Tori Amos
2009 Me Not Me Marco Benevento
2009 Holy Smoke Gin Wigmore
2009 Far Regina Spektor
2009 Collected :1996-2005 The Wallflowers
2009 Abnormally Attracted to Sin Tori Amos
2009 A Fine Mess Kate Voegle
2010 The Pursuit Jamie Cullum
2010 The Imagine Project Herbie Hancock
2010 The Incredible Machine Sugarland
2010 Staring Down the Brilliant Dream Indigo Girls
2010 Sinner or a Saint Tamar Kaprelian
2010 Sarah Bruxton Sarah Bruxton
2010 Pizza Box Danny Barnes
2010 Next to Me Ilse DeLange
2010 Light Up Sevie Ann
2010 Laws of Illusion Sarah McLachlan
2010 Kaleidoscope Heart Sarah Bareilles
2010 In and Out of Conciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010 Robbie Williams
2010 I'll Tell What I Saw Trey Gunn
2010 Highway Rider Brad Mehldau
2010 Hard Knocks Joe Cocker
2010 False Priest Of Montreal
2010 Best of Me Daniel Powter
2010 11:59 Ryan Star
2010 Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Movie Soundtrack) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
2010 The Other Guys (Movie Soundtrack) The Other Guys
2011 When Ronan Met Burt Ronan Keating
2011 Tower Heist (Movie Soundtrack) Christophe Beck
2011 Sweeter Gavin DeGraw
2011 Stronger Sara Evans
2011 Rocket Danny Barnes
2011 Operation Long Leash The Dead Kenny G's
2011 Martina/Timeless Martina McBride
2011 Hell on Heels Pistol Annies
2011 Four the Record Miranda Lambert
2011 Formula, Vol. 1 Romeo Santos
2011 Eleven Martina McBride
2011 El Amor Es una Cosa Simple Tiziano Ferro
2011 Controller Sphere Of Montreal
2011 Birdy Birdy
2011 Arthur (Movie Soundtrack) Arthur
2012 Wrecking Ball Bruce Springsteen
2012 Underwater Joshua Radin
2012 Tiger Face Marco Benevento
2012 The Essential Martina McBride Martina McBride
2012 Pines A Fine Frenzy
2012 Paralytic Stalks Of Montreal
2012 Not Your Kind of People Garbage
2012 Nathan Pacheco Nathan Pacheco
2012 Love Is a Four Letter Word Jason Mraz
2012 I Don't Believe You Greg Holden
2012 Havoc and Bright Lights Alanis Morissette
2012 Floratone II Floratone
2012 Electra Heart Marina and the Diamonds
2012 Daughter Of Cloud Of Montreal
2012 Company 23 Company 23
2012 Channel Orange Frank Ocean
2012 Change the Ending Maia Sharp
2012 With Us The Burning Of Rome
2012 Bear Creek Brandi Carlile
2012 Horrible Bosses (Movie Soundtrack) Horrible Bosses
2012 This Is 40 (Movie Soundtrack) This Is 40
2013 This World Won't Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend Matt Hires
2013 The Hurry and the Harm Citty and Colour
2013 Say the Words Wanting
2013 Opposites Biffy Clyro
2013 Man of Steel (Movie Soundtrack) Hans Zimmer
2013 Jamie Lidell Jamie Lidell
2013 It Goes Like This Thomas Rhett
2013 How I Knew Her Nataly Dawn
2013 Greatest Hits Dido
2013 Frames Brian Haas
2013 Forever Endeavour Ron Sexsmith
2013 Everything Is Debateable Hellogoodbye
2013 Covered Katey Sagal
2013 Moonlander Stone Gossard
2013 The Girl Who Got Away Dido
2013 In Deep Owl Ben Shepherd
2013 Old Sock Eric Clapton
2013 The Wolf of Wall Street (Movie Soundtrack) The Wolf of Wall Street
2013 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Movie Soundtrack) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
2013 Frozen (Movie Soundtrack) Christophe Beck
2014 Into the Unknown Roto's Magic Act
2014 Overstep Mike Gordon
2014 Sons Of Anarchy Vol. 3 (TV Soundtrack) Sons Of Anarchy
2014 I'm A Fire David Nail
2014 Dizzy Heights Neil Finn
2014 Band Of Outsiders Mike Dillion
2014 A Dotted Line Nickel Creek
2014 Silver Linings Millow
2014 Platinum Miranda Lambert
2014 Year Of the Ox The Burning Of Rome
2014 Shine On Sarah McLachlan
2014 The Way I'm Leaving Lee Ann
2014 Fire Within Birdy
2014 City Of Sin Linus Young
2014 Town and Country Adam Levy, Larry Goldings, Matt Chmberlain
2014 Voices Phantogram
2014 The Golden Echo Kimbra


  • Matt Chamberlain has appeared in so many songs and albums that he is considered to be "the drummer that everyone has heard, but few have heard of."
  • Matt was nominated for a 1998 Grammy Award with Fiona Apple for the song Criminal.
  • He once said that if he wasn't a drummer that "he'd be in a nuthouse".
  • Played in the Saturday Night Live Band for the 1991/1992 season.
  • Chamberlain has been introduced as the “human loop” by Tori Amos because of his ability to combine live and looped drums.

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Drums: Craviotto, Ayotte
Cymbals: Istanbul Agop
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Sticks: Vic Firth

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