Basic Background Info

Birth: September 2, 1980
Location: Florham Park, New Jersey
Band: Avishai Cohen Trio/Quartet, Heernt
Genres: Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Unlike many musicians, Mark Guiliana's wasn't steeped in musical inspiration as a child, his family was more athletic than instrumental. However, Mark Guiliana often sat behind his cousinís drum set. Mark Guiliana recalled, 'I can't remember any specific reason for wanting to play. I guess I was just curious at first.' That curiosity led to a passion and, starting at age fifteen, Mark Guiliana took lessons from local drum teacher Joe Bergamini. Although as a young drummer Mark Guiliana played along to Chad Smith and Dave Grohl albums, it was drumming legend Buddy Rich who ultimately won Mark over to jazz.

During high school, Mark Guiliana played in the marching band, musical pit band, orchestra, and jazz band. As a senior, Mark Guiliana studied under John Riley, who Mark says 'really, really helped shape [his] playing.' Mark Guiliana followed his teacher and went to William Patterson University where he was fortunate enough to study under Bill Goodwin and Kevin Norton.

Mark Guiliana's roommate introduced him to Avishai Cohen, and the two of them became fast friends. After an impromptu jam session, Mark, Avishai, Jeff Taylor, and Dan Hindman created rock band Gadu. They regularly played at The C-Note in New York City's lower east side. Mark Guiliana also continued to play with Avishai on other projects, including his International Vamp Band.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
2003 Lyla Avishai Cohen
2005 At Home Avishai Cohen
2006 Continuo Avishai Cohen
2007 Fishing for Water Adam Gilbert
2008 Gently Disturbed Avishai Cohen
2009 Now Vs. Now Jason Lindner
2010 Perpetual Motion Donny McCaslin
2011 Across the Way Brad Shepik
2012 Heritage Lionel Loueke
2012 Frustration in Time Travel Dumpster Hunter
2013 North Hero Chris Morrissey
2013 Live in NYC Gretchen Parlato
2014 Mehllana: Taming the Dragon Mark Guiliana
2014 Akeda Matisyahu


  • After seeing Dillinger Escape Plan in 2005, Mark said, “I fell in love with the record and can’t stop listening to it. That’s a long way from, say, a straight ahead jazz record but there’s a lot to learn from both. That’s the amazing thing about drums. Drums appear in such a wide variety of musical situations, and I feel it is important to celebrate that diversity.”

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Yamaha, Ludwig, Andersom Drum
Cymbals: Zildjian, Sabian
Hardware: Yamaha Pedals
Heads: Remo, Evans
Sticks: Zildjian

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