Basic Background Info

Birth: December 24, 1970
Location: Hanover, Germany
Band: Illegal Aliens, H Blockx, Freaky Fukin' Weirdoz
Genres: Rock, Roots Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Producer, Writer


Marco Minnemann of Hanover, Germany, began his musical journey playing the organ when he was six years old. Five years later, Marco Minnemann left behind the organ in favor of the drums and guitar. As a teenager, Marco Minnemann was a well-known drummer and composer. In 1992, Marco Minnemann joined cross-over band Freaky Fukin’ Weirdoz. After the Weirdoz worked with European cult diva Nina Hagen, Hagen invited Marco to join her tour. During this time, Marco Minnemann also started producing albums with his own band, Illegal Aliens. Marco Minnemann continued to work with the Weirdoz, and they recorded four albums together until the group disbanded in 1997.

Without much of a break, Marco Minnemann joined another cross-over band, H-Blockx. The group performed live obsessively for a couple years. Marco’s work in these outstanding arrangements garnered worldwide attention and recognition of his drumming skill. Marco Minnemann started offering solo workshops and performances at drum events. Marco Minnemann’s solo performance at the Modern Drummer Festival earned him status as a top ten drummer in the world. In addition to being a gifted performer, Marco Minnemann’s Extreme Interdependence instructional text and Extreme Drumming DVD are well-respected guides. In 2006, Marco Minnemann offered a world clinic tour with Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman.

Marco Minnemann also recorded several solo albums, typically composing, producing, and performing on multiple instruments (guitar, bass, and keyboards). Marco Minnemann also collaborated with sound designer Mario Brinkmann on two albums. And, true to his passion for jazz and funk, Marco Minnemann played with Wolfgang Schmid’s Kick band. Marco Minnemann has also played with Paul Gilbert, Mike Keneally, and Nina Hagen.

Marco Minnemann’s unique contribution to the world of drumming is his innovative ability to integrate various mediums to create a cutting-edge sound. His unusual drum kit incorporated multiple foot pedals, gong drums, electronics, and cymbals. Marco Minnemann’s command of his kit is paralleled only by his adept independence.

In 2007, Marco Minnemann joined German metal band Necrophagist and toured with them in the Summer Slaughter tour until early 2008.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1991 Senseless Wonder Freaky Fukiní Weirdoz
1993 Mak Mak Maa Freaky Fukiní Weirdoz
1995 Culture Shock Freaky Fukiní Weirdoz
1996 Thickness Illegal Aliens
1996 Fly Eyes H-Block
1997 Red Alibis Illegal Aliens
1997 Hula Freaky Fukiní Weirdoz
1998 The Green Mindbomb Marco Minnemann
1998 Bang Boom Bang H-Blockx
1999 Time Illegal Aliens
1999 Comfortably Homeless Marco Minnemann
2000 International Telephone Illegal Aliens
2000 Silver Silver
2001 Special Kick Wolfgang Schmid
2002 Burning Organ Paul Gilbert
2002 Orchids Marco Minnemann
2003 Motor Marco Minnemann
2003 Normalizer Minnemmann & Brinkman
2003 A swift Kick Wolfgang Schmid
2003 Featuring Nena Nena
2003 Broken Orange Marco Minnemann
2003 Dream Machines Silver
2004 Live Das Ueberschall
2004 In Exile Paddy Keyy
2004 Mieze Marco Minnemann
2004 Gary Barden Gary Barden
2005 Hularama Waikiki Beach Bombers
2005 Solar Flare Phi Yaan-Zek
2005 Space Ship Live Paul Gilbert
2005 Space Ship One Paul Gilbert
2005 Shadowland Lee Z
2005 Mysterious Voyages: A Tribute to Weather Report Various Artists
2005 Disarmed Minnemann, Brinkman, Trentini
2006 Hanging Gardens Marco Ferrigno
2006 The Green Mindbomb Marco Minnemann
2006 Swine Songs Marco Minnemann
2006 Contraire de la Chanson Marco Minnemann
2006 Hanging Gardens Marco Ferrigno
2007 The Insight Eye Illogicist
2007 House Wife Dog and 2 Kids Marco Minnemann
2007 Play the Police Marco Minnemann
2007 House Wife Dog and Two Kids Marco Minnemann
2007 Engineer Mario Brinkmann
2007 The Insight Eye Illogicist
2008 Planetary Alignment George Bellas
2008 House Wife Dog and 2 Kids Part II Marco Minnemann
2008 House Wife Dog and Two Kids Part II Marco Minnemann
2008 Scambot Mike Keneally
2009 Radiation UKZ
2009 Liminal Adam Nitti
2009 Less Is Seldom More Ed DeGanaro
2009 Catspoon Marco Minnemann
2010 Evidence of Humanity Mike Keneally
2011 Tony MacAlpine Tony MacAlpine
2011 The Aristocrats The Aristocrats
2012 Wing Beat Fantastic Mike Keneally
2012 Looking Below Dane Runyon
2012 Get All You Deserve Steven Wilson
2013 You Must Be This Tall Mike Keneally
2013 The Raven That Refused to Sing and Other Stories Steven Wilson
2013 Drive Home Steven Wilson
2013 Culture Clash The Aristocrats


  • Marco lives in San Diego, California.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Evans
Electronics: Audix
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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