Basic Background Info

Birth: March 29
Location: Unknown
Band: John Hiatt, Shawn Colvin, Tiny Town
Genres: Blues-Rock, Modern Electric Blues, Rock
Instruments: Drums, Percussion
Occupation: Musician



Known to some as the Jim Keltner of roots rock, Kenneth Blevins, a Louisiana-raised ultra-funky drummer, has been recording since the 1980s. Kenneth Blevins has recorded more than eighty albums in his career. However, Kenneth Blevins is best-known for his work with John Hiatt and Sonny Landreth.

Kenneth Blevins has also played with Louisiana-based bands, Lil Queenie and the Percolators (with Leigh 'Lil Queenie' Harris, John Magnie and Tommy Malone) and The Continental Drifters, which was formed in 1984 with the former Percolators member John Magnie and Tommy Malone. In the 1990's, Kenneth Blevins reunited with former band members and friends Tommy Malone, Pat McLaughlin and Johnny Ray Allen to form the band, Tiny Town.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1980 Crescent City Sam Various Artists
1985 Looking Back Zachary Richard
1988 Slow Turning John Hiatt
1988 Stir up the Roux Bruce Daigrepont
1988 Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew Michael Doucet
1989 Coeur Des Cajuns Bruce Daigrepont
1990 Runnin' Partner George Porter, Jr.
1990 All My Life Charles Brown
1990 Late Last Night John Mooney
1990 Sexual Telepathy Earl King
1990 Acoustic Christmas (Columbia) Various Artists
1991 Sue Medley Sue Medley
1991 Telephone King John Mooney
1992 Black Top Blues Pajama Party Various Artists
1992 Tune Movie Soundtrack
1992 Everywhere Greg Trooper
1992 Outward Bound Sonny Landreth
1992 Sparrows Point Richard Shindell
1992 B-3 Blues and Grooves Ron Levy
1992 Is Anybody There John Hiatt
1992 Outward Bound Sonny Landreth
1992 Cajun Music & Zydeco Various Artists
1992 Cajun Dance Hall Special Various Artists
1993 Balinese Dancer Chuck Prophet
1994 Vintage Spencer Bohren
1994 Blue Divide Richard Shindell
1994 Tide Lucy Kaplansky
1994 C.C. Adcock C.C. Adcock
1994 Artifacts of Love Lisa Mednick
1994 Tide Lucy Kaplansky
1995 Which Way to Here Anders Osborne
1995 River of Madness Steve Conn
1995 House on Fire, Vol. 1: An Urban Folk Collection Various Artists
1995 Borrowed Tales Don Williams
1995 Louisiana Spice Various Artists
1996 Flatlands Don Williams
1997 Crawfish & Caviar Anthony Thistlethwaite
1997 Highly Seasoned Cajun Music Coteau
1997 Bayou Beat Various Artists
1997 Cajun Saturday Night (Easydisc) Various Artists
1997 Cajun Cookin' (Easy Disc) Various Artists
1997 New Orleans Blues Party Various Artists
1997 Temporary Secret Gary Hirstius
1998 Greatest Hits: The A&M Years '87-'94 John Hiatt
1998 Tiny Town Tiny Town
1998 Roll Over, Baby Guitar Shorty
1998 Cajun Waltz Various Artists
1998 Blues Gumbo Various Artists
1998 Sweet Baby Fred Fred Koller
1998 Cajun Magic: Instrumentals from Louisiana Various Artists
1999 Watermelon Patch Jumpin' Johnny Sansone
1999 Cajun Heat Zydeco Beat Various Artists
1999 Everywhere (Bonus Tracks) Greg Trooper
1999 Spark Julian Dawson
1999 Balinese Dancer/Feast of Hearts Chuck Prophet
2000 House Rocker C.C. Adcock
2000 So Like Joy Jonell Mosser
2000 Silver Jubilee: Best of Zachary Richard 1973-1998 Zachary Richard
2001 New Non-Fiction Susan Werner
2001 Tiki Bar Is Open John Hiatt
2001 Love & Emotion: Atlantic Years Willy DeVille
2001 Straight Down Rain Greg Trooper
2002 Cajun Music: The Essential Collection Various Artists
2002 Miss Fortune Allison Moorer
2002 Country Bears Movie Soundtrack
2002 Silver Turns to Gold Don Williams
2003 Floating Greg Trooper
2003 Beneath This Gruff Exterior John Hiatt
2004 Thanks & Giving All Year Long Marlo Thomas
2004 Chickenhead Blues Rick Tobey
2004 Doctors, Professors, Kings and Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans Various Artists
2005 River of Madness (Bonus Track) Steve Conn
2005 Lowe Profile: A Tribute to Nick Lowe Various Artists
2005 Tide (Bonus Tracks) Lucy Kaplansky
2005 Chronicles John Hiatt
2005 Definitive Collection Allison Moorer
2005 Hammers & Strings Kevin McKendree
2005 Make It Through This World Greg Trooper
2005 Grant Street Sonny Landreth
2005 Long Goners Waterline
2006 Sail Away: The Songs of Randy Newman Various Artists
2007 Standard Songs for Average People John Prine
2007 City of Dreams: A Collection of New Orleans Music Various Artists


  • Blevins reunited with John Hiatt in 2001 on the album The Tiki Bar is Open after nearly ten years apart.
  • Blevins has been using Paiste cymbals since 1988.
  • Allegedly Blevins includes an actual trash can lid in his drum set.

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Sticks: Vic Firth

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