Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: Avion, The Tories
Genres: Pop
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Though he is the semi-regular drummer for the band Venice, Jamie Wollam has also played with Steve Bertrand, Avion, The Tories, Drake Bell, and Matthew Sweet.

The Tories released two critically praised albums, but when their record label went under in 2002, so did the band.

Reluctant to be a solo acoustic performer, Steve Bertrand of the Tories created power-pop group Avion with Jamie Wollam. They recruited bassist Joey Clement, guitarist Josh Dunahoo, and guitarist/keyboardist Ben Hazlett. Steve reflected, "You hear the power of the song with the right band. That’s what happened when we rehearsed for the first time. It was very cool."

Avion can attribute their success to an old fashioned work ethic coupled with dedication. After personally mailing hundreds of promotional albums to radio stations, the band commandeered an RV and then toured around to those stations. They arrived with a portable version of a full stage show. This perseverance worked, and stations started playing their album.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1993 Acapella Hymns Glad
1993 Angel in Your Eyes Lisa Daggs
1993 Miracle Mile Guardian
1994 Cross My Heart Greg Long
1994 Michael Sweet Michael Sweet
1994 Trust The Brave
1995 Real Michael Sweet
1995 Windows of Heaven John Elefante
1997 Kyle Vincent Kyle Vincent
2000 Unstryped: The Post-Stryper Sessions Michael Sweet
2000 Wow & Flutter Kyle Vincent
2001 Upside of Down The Tories
2001 Wow & Flutter Kyle Vincent
2003 Welcome to the Rest of Your Life Venice
2004 Avion Avion
2004 Upside of Down Tories
2005 So Much for Secrets James Guffee
2006 Amsterdam Venice
2007 Evaporate Shannon Moore
2007 Magnificent Adventures of Heartache Jason Reeves
2007 Pain Is a Megaphone Steve Bertrand
2008 Sounds Like This Eric Hutchinson
2008 On The Run Truckstop
2008 Wainwright Wainwright
2009 Electirc: Live and Amplified Venice
2010 Michael Michael Jackson
2010 Anchor Mindy Gledhill


  • In 2004, while filming an Avion video, Jamie met actress Teri Polo (Meet the Parents). On December 20, 2007, the couple’s daughter, Bayley, was born.
  • Jamie also has a son named Carter (born in 1997).

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