Gregg Bissonette Drum School - Classic Drum Beats

This ongoing series of lessons is all about adding
"Vocabulary" to your playing. You will learn beats and
fills in all genres along with their history.

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"My brand new official online drum school, The Gregg Bissonette Drum School, is on! I am so excited to be working with my good friends at DC. The Goal of all my lessons is to build your drumming vocabulary. You can ask me questions in my DC Forum or send me a video in DC Feedback. I hope you have as much fun learning from these lessons as I did filming them!" - Gregg Bissonette


Gregg Bissonette - Classic Drum Beats:

Gregg Bissonette's Drum School is about adding to your drumming vocabulary and this series of classic drum beats and fills is a must. The idea is not only to learn Gregg's interpretation of these classics, but for you to put your "spin" on them so your vocabulary becomes part of your style. New Classic Drum Beats Every Monday!

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 1 - Rosanna (Jeff Porcaro)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 2 - Rock N' Roll (John Bonham)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 3 - Take Five (Joe Morello)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 4 - Sing Sing Sing (Gene Krupa)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 5 - Hot For Teacher (Alex Van Halen)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 6 - Walk This Way (Joey Kramer)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 7 - Wipe Out (Ron Wilson)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 8 - Frankenstein (Edgar Winter)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 9 - What Is Hip (David Garibaldi)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 10 - La Grange (Frank Beard)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 11 - Take The Money And Run (Gary Mallaber)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 12 - Manic Depression (Mitch Mitchell)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 13 - Walking On The Moon/Roxanne (Stewart Copeland)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 14 - In My Life/Come Together (Ringo Starr)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 15 - Honky Tonk Woman (Charlie Watts)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 16 - Fool In The Rain (John Bonham)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 17 - Immigrant Song (John Bonham)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 18 - Brick House (Walter Orange)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 19 - Tony Fills (Tony Williams)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 20 - Classic Gadd Beats (Steve Gadd)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 21- Drummers Of Motown (Motown)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 22- I Feel Good (James Brown)

Classic Drum Beats: Lesson 23- There Goes My Hero (David Grohl)

Gregg Bissonette and Don Lombardi on DC Live


Gregg Bissonette - Vocabulary:

Lesson 1- Rock A Billy

Lesson 2- British Rock and Prog Rock

Lesson 3- Country!

Lesson 4 - Rythm and Blues.

Lesson 5 - Blues.

Lesson 6- Reggae.

Lesson 7- Dixieland.

Lesson 8- Bossa Nova, Samba, ChaCha.

Lesson 9- Disco.

Lesson 10 – Polka, Waltz.

Lesson 11 - Blast Beats


Gregg Bissonette - Song Form

Gregg shows you how to write up a song chart to some of the songs from his upcoming album titled "Submarine". In the first part of each lesson he writes out the chart to the chosen song (without drums) then adds the drums in after the song chart has been created. Be sure to download the drum chart to follow along! In the second part of each lesson, he breaks down the drum parts for each song.

"Cloudy Day" Part 1 with Gregg Bissonette

"Cloudy Day" Part 2 with Gregg Bissonette

"Submarine" Part 1 with Gregg Bissonette

"Submarine" Part 2 with Gregg Bissonette

"Marbles" Part 1 with Gregg Bissonette

"Marbles" Part 2 with Gregg Bissonette

"No Hay Parqueo" Part 1 with Gregg Bissonette

"No Hay Parqueo" Part 2 with Gregg Bissonette

"Noah's Ark" Part 1 with Gregg Bissonette

"Noah's Ark" Part 2 with Gregg Bissonette


Gregg Bissonette - Introduction to Jazz Beginning to Advanced:

If you’ve never played Jazz before, this series of drum lessons will teach you basic patterns and how to approach the drumset with a Jazz feel. The best drummers in the world have commented on Drum Channel about the importance of understanding a Jazz time feel to enhance any genre of music you might be playing.

Introduction To Jazz

Lesson 1: Quarter Note Time (DOWNLOAD WORKBOOK HERE)

Lesson 2: Quarter Note Time Adding Grace Notes

Lesson 3: Traditional Jazz Ride Cymbal

Lesson 4: Ride Cymbal Variations #1

Lesson 5: Ride Cymbal Variations #2

Lesson 6: Tony Williams Tricks

Lesson 7: Cross-Stick Pattern

Gregg Bissonette - Advanced Jazz

Gregg Bissonette - How To Tune Your Drums:

How To Tune Your Drums with Gregg Bissonette

Gregg Bissonette's Forum

Drum Forum Q& A

Drum Forum Q& A Part 2

Drum Forum Q& A Part 3