Neil Peart Master Class: Frontiers of Composition and Articulation - Free Lesson 9 - Neil performs his warm-up routine

FREE Neil Peart Lesson 9 - Neil performs his warm-up routine

Watch Neil as he performs his warm-up routine in Lesson 9 from his Drum Channel Master Class, Frontiers of Composition and Articulation. Intermediate, 11 minutes.


Neil has shaped the world of drumming for thousands of drummers and his Master Class is an amazing drum jam, a conversation with world-renowned teacher Freddie Gruber, and an introspective look into the creative concepts of one of the most iconic musicians of our time. His class will equip you with creative concepts and applications to expand your musical vocabulary. Neil shares what he has learned in the areas of composition and articulation in what may be one of the most entertaining, educational and articulate lessons you will ever take.

Beginner to Advanced, 10 lessons, 2 hours 45 minutes.

Here is the complete list of lessons in Neil’s class - and make sure to check out all of the exceptional Master Classes offered at

Lesson 1 - Performance of 'De Slagwerker'
Lesson 2 - Analysis of 'De Slagwerker': Acoustic Kit
Lesson 3 - 'De Slagwerker': Electronic Kit & Big Band Section
Lesson 4 - Discussion & Performance: 'Malignant Narcissism'
Lesson 5 - Analysis of 'Malignant Narcissism'
Lesson 6 - Neil Discussing Time Feel, Articulation, Holding the Sticks, & Studying with Freddie Gruber
Lesson 7 - Neil and Freddie Gruber Discussing Articulation, Composition, and Orchestration
Lesson 8 - Neil Answering Questions
Lesson 9 - Neil Performing His Warm-up Routine
Lesson 10 - Bonus: Drum Jam with Terry Bozzio & Joey Heredia