Dave Elitch - Paradiddlediddle Perfection

Paradiddlediddle Perfection

Instructor: Dave Elitch

Dave Elitch has played with The Mars Volta, Miley Cyrus, and many others. He is known in the music industry as a highly versatile and musical drummer. In this series of lessons, he will show you how to maximize your use of the paradiddlediddle rudiment. You will learn how to play it properly, and then how to use it in different scenarios with different levels of technicality and independence.

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Difficulty: Intermediate  6 Lessons

Paradiddlediddle Perfection


The Paradiddlediddle

The paradiddlediddle is a simple rudiment in its base form. One pair of singles followed by two pairs of doubles. The way you play the doubles is very important.


The Paradiddlediddle Grid

This grid takes you through every sticking inversion of the paradiddlediddle. Be sure to practice left hand lead as well!


Adding Drum Set Elements

Now that we are comfortable with the grid, we can take the accents and spread them out in various ways around the kit.


Metric Modulation to 16th's

Now things are going to get interesting. We take our original six note pattern and shift it to a sixteenth note pattern instead of a triplet pattern.


Adding the Bass Drum

Now that we are grounded in 16th notes, we will add in two bass drum notes to put the pattern back in 4/4 as an 8 note grouping.


Metric Modulation to Triplets

The last hurdle for us in this class is permutating our 8 note pattern back into triplets. This one tests everything you've learned in this master class and puts it all on display!


Wrap Up

Congratulations on making it through this master class! Ifyou've been diligent about practicing each lesson and learning the concepts within, you've expanded your vocabulary immensely.