Drum Channel Affiliate Teacher Program ---DRAFT---



Discounts for your students.

Income for you.


You have 10 or more students per month.

You maintain 5 active subscriptions under your promo code.

If you’re interested in the teacher affiliate program email us at info@drumchannel.com for the teacher affiliate registration form.

Once approved, you will receive a promo code and when your students or yourself enters the promo code it will open a customized discount store page with 20% discount prices on Master Classes and Lessons. Discounts do not apply to DC Show subscriptions.

In addition to the 20% discount you will also receive 20%  on all subscriptions purchased by anyone using your promo code. You are not restricted to giving your promo code only to students. You can give it to potential students, drummer friends and anyone you think would benefit from our Master Classes or Lessons.

Drum Channel Lessons and Master Classes are a great way to supplement your teaching program and at the end of each month, the affiliate with the most subscribers using their promo code will receive a $100 bonus. (TBD)