Aaron Spears: Life on Tour & Goals for 2011

Aaron Spears on Drum Channel

Aaron Spears is currently on tour with mega-star Usher. Aaron tells us what’s going on and gives you some great advice on how to manage a world tour and improve your playing!

Drum Channel: Aaron, what are your personal goals for 2011?

Aaron Spears: I have really been trying to eat better and to stay committed to exercising and dropping a few pounds. Also looking to buy a new house and begin my life with my fiancé.

DC: What are your musical goals for 2011?

Aaron: Musically, I want to improve on my playing and I want to do a few clinics.

DC: Can you give five pieces of advice on how to stay healthy during a long tour around the globe?

Aaron: 1) Make sure you get plenty of rest... I think that is the most important thing that is often overlooked. 2) Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Your body needs those nutrients to fight off sickness. 3) Dress properly for the seasons. If it's cold, make sure you wrap up. 4) Develop an exercise routine - I'm learning this one myself! It doesn't hurt at all to to spend a little time in the gym. 5) Take a 1-a-day multi-vitamin to help make sure you are getting all the essentials your body needs.

DC: What do you feel when you go on a big stage, right before you start playing? What's going on in your mind? Are you nervous?

Aaron: Hmmmmm… I normally feel kinda excited like a basketball player standing on the center of the court waiting for the tip-off. I am anticipating what is about to happen for the next hour or so. When the lights go off, I hear the screaming of the crowd, see them going crazy, I feel and feed off their energy. They are hyped with anticipation for what's about to happen and I honestly want to give them my best, along with everyone I'm on the stage with. Sometimes I do get a little nervous so to help ease that, I say a prayer asking God to help get me through the show and allow me to be the best that I can be (He always pulls through for me).

DC: What can a drummer to do improve his hand-feet coordination? What would you suggest?

Aaron: Practice. Don't rush to do these amazing stunts you see on TV! (laughs). Take your time, spend as much quality time working to improve yourself. All things are possible, just take your time.

DC: Can we expect a project with you and your brother in 2011?

Aaron: I would absolutely love to work on something with Jamal Moore this year or whenever. He really is an amazing musician who is working hard creating his own niche in this music world.

DC: Do you throw sticks in the crowd after you played a show? What do you think about that?

Aaron: I never throw sticks into the crown in the States because I don't think that people really want a stick hurled in their direction. Most of them are heading for the door as soon as the last note is played. Overseas it's slightly different. I may throw out a few when I'm asked. They really show a different love especially in Europe. I threw out a few in Lyon, France, last week and it was crazy to see the reaction of the crowd. I was nervous that people were going to hurt each other trying to catch my sticks… crazy!!

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