Mika Fineo, Phil Buckman and Dan Lutz on DC LIVE


Mika Fineo & Phil Buckman of Filter with bassist Dan Lutz
On-Demand on Thursday, Dec. 15th!!

Mika takes a break from touring to expand on his Secrets From The Pros drum lessons in this DC LIVE show, with special guest bassists Phil Buckman and Dan Lutz.

Mika Fineo began developing his musical reputation early on. Far before finishing high school in Miami, Mika was already long performing in church among some of the best in the gospel music scene. “I was the kid on stage” Mika illustrates. To understand how the world of drumming found way into Mika’s life could be explained as this: Through his father’s musical influence Mika was exposed to so many artists of the early jazz, funk, and R&B scenes. Growing up, most of Mika’s peers were far too young to share a commonality on this influence. Mika describes his early start as this: “My father gave me a head start through a library of music that I felt helped to shape my sound early on. Tower of Power, Curtis Mayfield, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Steely Dan – these where just a few of the hundreds of albums I would literally burn out as a kid. It also didn’t hurt that my pops was the touring keyboardist for George McCrae and later many other artists throughout my upbringing as well. I literally grew up in the studio. The funny thing is that the piano was actually my first instrument – I actually started classical lessons at 3 years old”.

Mika’s interests soon moved into Hip Hop and even today his approach to the drums can be heard with that influence. “I was really into Eazy E, Black Sheep, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS One, and all that old school stuff”. I was a bit young to be allowed to listen to that stuff so I would sneak out of the house with my boom box and listen to those albums in the apartment stairwells with my friends. When I later sat on the drums I wanted to sound like those drum machines and all that stuff had me approach the drums in this way. I still trip out on all those records”.

As Mika soon started taking serious his love for drumming he was careful to capture his own sound. Soon taking lessons from the great Steve Rucker of The University of Miami, Mika was challenged to expand his voice thru the instrument. It was here that a deep understanding of Jazz and Bop music came to be unveiled amongst the drums. It was at this moment when Mika began his pursuit of a real musical career.

Today Mika has generated a solid resume panning all styles of music. Having held the drum throne in the multi-platinum industrial band FILTER yet having the stylistic approach described before, Mika has been supplied a unique advance. “I’ll always be a r&b/gospel drummer at heart, and it has helped me to have a leg up on the scene. There is just so much dynamic you get from that scene and you can really apply that influence to almost any style of music. A lot of the cats today are so narrow minded on the styles they know and it can really kill a potential career”. I want to sound like Mika when I play yet you can hear the influence of my past flow through me when I perform”.

Having now performed on three major motion picture soundtracks and counting, Filter’s latest release “The Trouble with Angels”, and countless international tours, Mika has packed an immense amount of experience within a short amount of time. Mika has also tracked for a sea of a-level producers and artists between Los Angeles and New York within all styles of music. It is sure to see an amazing future ahead for Mika thru his humble approach to working in a team and the determination it takes to stay on top. “I want to bring something unique to the table. When I show up I bring all I got – no matter what it takes I’m here to offer up what I’m asked to do! It’s amazing to be able to do this for a living – it’s not a right, it’s a privilege (thank you Bob Marlette). I am so blessed to have such talented friends in my life and I have some big plans for the future - VERY BIG PLANS”!

About Dan Lutz:

Dan Lutz is a music director, producer and first call bassist in Los Angeles. His successful career is credited to his strong groove, versatility, experience and dependability. If you watch T.V. or listen to the radio, then you've heard him on several national commercials such as McDonalds, Sprint, LG, Mitsubishi, Miller Lite, Ford (American Idol Finale), 7UP, GameStop, Fruit of the Loom and Wells Fargo. Dan has also played bass on several Movie Soundtracks and scores such as:

- ”Memento”, 2000
- ”First Daughter” (Katie Holmes), 2004
- “The Chronicles of Narnia”, Title Track, 2005
- “Dreamgirls” Theatrical Trailer, 2006
- “Beowulf” TV Trailer, 2007
- “Shutter” Title Track, 2008
- “The Happening” (m. night shyamalan) Theatrical Tralier, 2008
- ”The Day The Earth Stood Still” (Keanu Reeves) Theatrical Trailer, 2008
- "500 Days of Summer" Movie Soundtrack, 2008
- "I Hate Valentines Day" Theatrical Trailer, 2009
- "The Goods" (Will Ferrel, Jeremy Piven) Soundtrack, 2009
- ”Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1” 2011

Over the last 10 years, Dan has toured and recorded with artists such as Jonathan Butler (Music Director), Taylor Hicks, Patti Austin, Ricky Lawson, Earl Klugh, Benny Green, Will Kennedy, Queen Latifah, Sheila E., George Duke, Larry Carlton, Luis Conte, Alex Acuna, Kirk Whalum, Robben Ford, Philippe Saisse, Andy Summers, The Bill Holman Big Band, Brian Auger, Roger Kellaway among others.

When not on tour, Dan can be found "in the pit" at the Pantages theatre playing bass for such Broadway shows as "Wicked", "Phantom of the Opera", "In the Heights", "Dirty Dancing", "Shrek", and many others.

Dan also produced two projects last year, "The Generosity Water Project" and Shunna Jones's ”With God”, both available on iTunes.

About Phil Buckman:

Originally from Queens, NY, Buckman made a name for himself in the L.A. music scene as the bassist for the band Tribal Sex Cult. Upon the demise of T.S.C., Phil kept busy with a wide variety of projects including Texture (Vital Recordings), Helicopter Helicopter, (Initial Records), FINE (Flip Records), Kill The Complex, and The Snow (Northern Lights) as well as contributing to various film and television soundtracks. Other bands he has been associated with include Onesidezero (Maverick), vOLUMe, THE iMPOSTERS (Interscope), and Go Betty Go (sideonedummy). He is currently the bassist for the industrial rock band Filter, and Petty Cash (Tom Petty/Johnny Cash tribute band).