"The Shuffle" with Tony Braunagel and James Gadson

Shuffle Masters Tony Braunagel and James Gadson share tips and tricks for playing the shuffle, then give a drum lesson to newcomer Cobus Potgieter on this fundamental rhythm.

Chapter 1:
James Gadson and Tony Braunagel open the show with a great jam that was to last only about four or five minutes, but they couldn’t stop and you will see why. One of the lessons in this show is not about what they’re playing, but the feel that they play it with - kind of their “secret sauce.” James also discusses some of the classic songs he played on, and his approach.

Chapter 2: The “Flat Tire Shuffle” is demonstrated by both Tony and James, along with some history on the shuffle. James shows his Bill Withers classic shuffle that Jim Keltner asked about in the DC LIVE show, “James Gadson - R&B Legend.” Click here to watch this show.

Chapter 3: Ghost notes and questions from the live chat are covered, plus Cobus Potgieter getting a great lesson on the shuffle from these two masters. You will realize it’s not as easy as it looks. You will learn a lot from their comments, plus a great jam at the end of the show.