Mika Fineo, Dan Lutz and Phil Buckman with Host Cobus Potgieter

Mika has a short break from touring with Filter, so he expands on his Secrets From The Pros lessons in this DC LIVE show with special guest bassists Phil Buckman (also of Filter) and Dan Lutz.


1. They each discuss their careers and how bass players and drummers work together, in an R&B or Rock feel.

2. Mika plays with Phil and band and discusses with them the different approach that he uses when playing R&B or Rock. Cobus joins in with observations and questions.

3. Answering live chat questions in this segment, they discuss education, versatility, phrasing, and keeping time, along with a great definition of time.

4. A great finale combination of songs and conversation about touring, along with a great educational and inspirational story from each of them about their auditioning experiences.