Chad Smith Interview Pt. 2

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Don Lombardi meets Chad Smith Backstage at the Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert in San Diego. Chad talks about his band, warm-up routine as well as takes us into his physical therapy room before the show. There is also a great lesson on Chad's time and feel and how his body motion is so important. This is part two of this three part series that will include an interview with his percussionist and drum tech. Check out video switch 2 to learn about Chad's Master Class "Basic Rock Drumming Chad's Way" in the DC Academy - Master Classes. There are 10 lessons that will get you rockin' Chad's way.

Chapter marks:
1. A drummers job
2. How Chad plays in his band and with a big band
3. Playing all styles of music is important and Chad hits his warm up kit - Watch his body motion
4. Check out Chad without drums
5. In his physical therapy room


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