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Brian Collins, DC Student

"Hello, This is the Best 5 Dollars I have ever spent, EVER,EVER,EVER!!!!!! Not trying to be over dramatic, just clear. I have watched lots of lessons in 4 months,learned a lot of new perspectives, and found tremendous inspiration. That to me is very significant after having played for 50 years. So thank you for that!"

Adam Stubel, DC Facebook

"DC is an awesome website for drummers!"

Alicin Christensen, DC Facebook

"Lessons and performances from WORLD-CLASS DRUMMERS! DrumChannel is not only educational, but very inspiring and entertaining. If you are a drummer, no matter what age, I highly recommend subscribing - my daughter MILANA ROCKS is a far better drummer for it"

Kristian Budiman, DC Feedback

"I really am speechless ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! My daughter is VERY HAPPY till her tears drop. I don't think she can sleep tonight thinking "Gregg Bissonette watched & gave me feedback on my video!"

Barry, DC Feedback

"Thank you SO much for this! You guys are really bringing the guys at the top so much closer to all of us aspiring to be pros :) Really appreciate it and the advice was fantastic. Learned a lot already from the site and looking forward to learning more!"

Kristian Mj Bn, DC Facebook

"My daughter and I get and learn lots from your lessons! Thank you so much Drum Channel!"

@eshepparddrums, DC Twitter

"You guys have an amazing website!"

@fionn_o_c, DC Twitter

"Love your work! #worthwhilesubscription"

@NorrisMcNorris, DC Twitter

"Subscribe to DC. Watch the videos and do all the free lessons they have to offer. #imnotsuckingupbutiamsuckingup"

@RogerBaquial, DC Twitter

"Check out @DrumChannel. One of the best in the biz!"

@drumwrench, DC Twitter

"I'm a big @DrumChannel and @dwdrums(and hardware) fan! Thanks for the love!"

Jim Piesse, DC Affiliate Teacher

"Thank you very much for your invitation to join the new teachers directory. Im thrilled to be asked to take part. Im throughly enjoying your lessons with Chad Wackerman about Murray Spicack, and eagerly await the next one!"

Bryan T.

"Hey, I love drum channel. It's the coolest thing online since youtube! The information is vital and so enlightening. Thanks so much."

Monica D.

"I’ve been using your online site for ages!!! I wouldn’t be the drummer I am today without the one-on-one type lessons you guys have online with the great drummers of all time."

Russell K.

"I love your channel! I joined a couple of months ago and have barely been off it."

Brian N.

"Just joined DC online and couldn’t be happier! Online lessons are killer!"

Ryan M.

"Bravo on the launch of the site. Your staff has done a fantastic job in providing great content - making it both visually and sonically interesting."

Joe C.

"Y'all are doing a fantastic job with Drum Channel. Keep up the good work. The production values are awesome - one of the best webcasts I've ever seen."

Michael G.

"I would like to say that Drum Channel has come to be an absolutely amazing resource for all drummers, and I am extremely grateful for you and all the people involved in Drum Channel for offering me and all other drummers a collection of such superb drumming videos and resources."

Carlos Q.

"First let me say your site really kicks a**. As a drummer there is no better site for entertainment and educational content. I mean I practically live on your page."

John L.

"Drum Channel is great! What a fantastic site for bringing drummers together."

Jason M.

"You’re doing a great job with Drum Channel. Bringing the talents, personalities and tips from a wide range of excellent drummers via the Internet is truly a winner. I also appreciate the friendly and "real" attitude."

Takeshi T.

"Thank you for creating such a great channel. I love watching musicians share their ideas and experiences. It is inspiring."

Lindsay M.

"I love the “live” feel of the show. It makes the viewer feel like they are right there with you."

Tomas E.

"What an amazing site and community you’ve got going over at Drum Channel! I’m more than happy to be a part of it!"