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what is drum channel

Stephen Perkins - Mountain Song

Stephen Perkins - Mountain Song
From the DVD Hands*Feet*Mind*Soul

Stephen explains how he came up with the beat for the classic Jane's Addition track "Mountain Song," and then walks you through how to play it.

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Stephen Perkins breaks down 11 different "Jane's Addiction" songs in his DVD Hands*Feet*Mind*Soul, and gives students a full analysis of each song. The goal of this DVD is to add new beats to your drumming vocabulary. Stephen will show you how he plays his classic drum parts, explain why he chose to play them, and how they set the foundation for the song. That knowledge is often what defines good drummers from great drummers. Watch the preview and see full list of lessons below.

Intermediate to Advanced, 11 drum lessons, 2 hours. DVD available in the DC Store. Click here!


The individual lessons are listed below, and the DVD includes a downloadable E-Book of exercises.

Lesson 1 - Trip Away
Lesson 2 - Whores
Lesson 3 - Pigs
Lesson 4 - 1 Percent
Lesson 5 - Had A Dad
Lesson 6 - Ted Just Admit It
Lesson 7 - Stop
Lesson 8 - Mountain Song
Lesson 9 - Been Caught Stealing
Lesson 10 - Idiots Rules
Lesson 11 - Standing in the Shower