Basic Background Info

Birth: September 3, 1948
Location: Flint, Michigan
Band: Grand Funk Railroad
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Engineer, Producer



Rock drummer Don Brewer was born in Flint, Michigan, where he met his future fellow band members, Mark Farner and Mel Schachter. Don Brewer formed his first band, The Red Devils, at the age of 12. After The Red Devils, Don Brewer became the lead singer and drummer in his band The Jazzmasters. In 1969, Don Brewer, Farner, and Schachter created Grand Funk Railroad. The band gained early recognition in 1969, and by 1970 the group signed with Capitol Records.

By 1970, behind Don Brewer's drumming and song writing, Grand Funk Railroad sold more albums than any other American band. The band's first five years were remarkably successful. Don Brewer was not only a successful drummer, but also a brilliant song writer. In 1974, he wrote the song, "We're An American Band," which became Grand Funk's first #1 single. In addition to playing the drums and writing songs, Don Brewer also supplied lead vocals for numerous songs.

In 1977, Grand Funk Railroad parted ways. Don Brewer and Schachter created the band Flint, named after the hometown of the band members. The band released one album before they disbanded and reformed Grand Funk once again in 1981. Grand Funk released the album, Grand Funk Lives, which made the Billboard albums chart. However, the band broke up once again in 1983. Don Brewer joined Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band, and he began producing for various other bands.

Early in 1997, Grand Funk Railroad reunited . After they recruited several new members into the band, including former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick and Max Carl of .38 Special, Grand Funk has been writing new material and performing under Don Brewer. Grand Funk has been touring steadily since the reunification of the band. While still a member of Grand Funk Railroad, Don Brewer has recently performed with the Silver Bullet Band.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1966 Terry Knight & the Pack Terry Knight
1969 On Time Grand Funk Railroad
1970 Live Album Grand Funk Railroad
1970 Closer to Home Grand Funk Railroad
1970 Grand Funk Grand Funk Railroad
1971 E Pluribus Funk Grand Funk Railroad
1971 Survival Grand Funk Railroad
1972 Mark, Don & Mel: 1969-71 Grand Funk Railroad
1972 Phoenix Grand Funk Railroad
1973 We're an American Band Grand Funk Railroad
1974 Monumental Funk Mark Farner
1974 All the Girls in the World Beware!! Grand Funk Railroad
1974 Shinin' On Grand Funk Railroad
1975 Caught in the Act Grand Funk Railroad
1975 Masters of Rock Grand Funk Railroad
1976 Born to Die Grand Funk Railroad
1976 Good Singin', Good Playin' Grand Funk Railroad
1977 Hits Grand Funk Railroad
1977 Reelin' in the Years, Vol. 5 Various Artists
1978 Studio Tan Frank Zappa
1978 Godz (Producer) The Godz
1979 Flint Flint
1981 Living Eyes (Assistant/Engineer) The Bee Gees
1983 What's Funk? Grand Funk Railroad
1983 Reelin' in the Years, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1984 Hot Shot Pat Travers
1986 Like a Rock Bob Seger
1990 Guitar Rock Various Artists
1990 Very Special Christmas Various Artists
1991 Best of Pat Travers Pat Travers
1992 Rock of the 70's, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1992 Rock of the 70's, Vol. 5 Various Artists
1996 L‰ther Frank Zappa
1996 Got to Be Real: The Best of Cheryl Lynn Cheryl Lynn
1997 Bosnia Grand Funk Railroad
1997 Me and My Big Mouth Kyf Brewer
1999 Thirty Years of Funk: 1969-1999 Grand Funk Railroad
2001 Very Best Grand Funk Railroad Album Ever Grand Funk Railroad
2001 Bed, Boys & Beyond Movie Soundtrack
2001 Prayer for Peace (Cover Painting Various Artists
2002 Capitol Records 1942-2002 (Special Box Set) Various Artists
2002 Trunk of Funk Grand Funk Railroad
2002 Live: The 1971 Tour Grand Funk Railroad
2002 Hillbilly Boogie Various Artists
2003 Superstar Rock Festival Various Artists
2003 Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Consultant/Engineer) The Nice
2004 Super Rock Festival Various Artists
2006 In the Night/Instant Love (Assistant/Engineer) Cheryl Lynn
2007 Holiday Gift Pack Grand Funk Railroad


  • Grand Funk Railroad was named after The Grand Trunk Western Railroad, which is a famous rail-line in Michigan.
  • Don Brewer was honored as one of the most influential drummers in the history of rock by Modern Drummer magazine.
  • Played bongos on two of Frank Zappa's albums.
  • Brewer went to law school and attempted a law degree after the first break up of The Grand Trunk Western Railroad.
  • One of Grand Funk Railroad's concert was sold out before 3 days of ticket sales for a concert at Shea Stadium in New York. This broke a record previously set by The Beatles.

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