Basic Background Info

Birth: June 8, 1970
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Band: The Bad Plus, Happy Apple
Genres: Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Drummer David King, along with Reid Anderson and Ethan Iverson, created the The Bad Plus trio. They had known one another as teenagers and reunited in their thirties to play in a club in Minneapolis. It was after that performance that the trio was born. They wasted no time and began recording immediately. The trio only spent one day in the studio with the indie jazz label Fresh Sound. During that first recording session they covered Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.' Since then, their repertoire has incorporated versions of mainstream hits with original music composed by all three members. They have covered Abba, Black Sabbath, The Bee Gees, Queen, Blondie, Aphex Twin, Neil Young, and Bjork.

The Bad Plus eventually recorded 'These Are the Vistas' on the Columbia Records label and presented a hard-rocking album of covers and originals. Critics of rock and jazz applauded The Bad Plus's efforts, and their music regularly appeared on NPR and college radio stations. The Bad Plus has made many tour stops around the world and have increased their exposure and fan bas considerably. Today, they continue to record covers as well as original compositions to lure fans over to their camp with their unique sound.

In addition to his work with The Bad Plus, David King also created Happy Apple and performs with about a dozen other groups. Their genres cover the gamut of everything from jazz to electronica.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1995 Norman est Numan Syuart Davis
1995 Shrug Rhea Valentine
1997 Seventh One Dean Magraw
1997 Broken Drive In Speakers FKG
1997 Blown Shockwaves and Crash Flow Happy Apple
1998 1981 Decor Tugboat
1998 Chump Lessons Love Cars
1998 Part of the Solutionproblem Happy Apple
1999 I'm Friends With All Stars Love Cars
1999 Body Popping Moon Walking Top Rocking Happy Apple
2000 Three Disc Live Release: Jazzercise With the Elders/E=What I Say It Does/God Bless Certain Portions of the USA Happy Apple
2001 Thank You For Telling Me What I Already Know Love Cars
2001 Please Refrain from Fronting Happy Apple
2001 Authorized Bootleg Live in NYC The Bad Plus
2001 The Bad Plus (Motel) The Bad Plus
2002 Lost Time 12Rods
2002 The Electeric Bill Bill Carrothers
2003 Halloween, Alaska Halloween, Alaska
2003 Youth Oriented Happy Apple
2003 These are the Vistas The Bad Plus
2004 Self Titled Ursus Minor
2004 Give The Bad Plus
2005 Too Tall To Hide Halloween, Alaska
2005 The Peace Between Our Companies Happy Apple
2005 Blunt Object Live in Tokyo The Bad Plus
2006 At the Center  Meat Beat Manifesto
2006 Junk Magic Craig Taborn
2006 Bone Clouds Mason Jennings
2006 Lure the Fox Haley Bonar
2007 Via Sattelite Terry Eason
2007 The Gang Font ft. Interloper The Gang Font
2007 Shine Ball Bill Carrothers
2007 Prog The Bad Plus
2008 Testament Peter Lang
2008 Self Titled Craig Green
2008 Big Star Hailey Bonar
2008 Happy Apple Back On Top Happy Apple
2009 The Morning World Chris Morrissey Quartet
2009 Duck Buffalo Collision
2009 Champagne Downtown Halloween, Alaska
2009 For All I Care The Bad Plus
2010 Never Stop The Bad Plus
2010 Indelicate Dave King
2011 All Night the Calls Came In Halloween, Alaska
2011 Good Old Light Dave King Trucking Co.
2012 Moon Tower Craig Green
2012 Made Possible The Bad Plus
2012 I've Been Ringing You Dave King Trio


  • Previously, King was a studio musician in Los Angeles.

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