Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: Municipal Waste
Genres: Metal, Thrash
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Dave Witte didn’t get serious about drumming until he wiped out trying a 360 flyout onto a ramp deck while riding his BMX bike. Dave Witte stopped biking and directed his attention to metal and hardcore drumming. Dave Witte learned to play wearing headphones and following along to AC/DC and Judas Priest albums. When he discovered Slayer’s Reign in Blood, Dave Witte played it every single day. Dave Witte joined the marching band and, dissatisfied with the discipline involved, quit after one week. Following the biking accident, Dave Witte started the band Human Remains. He was eighteen.

Dave Witte remained completely self-taught until he started hitting a wall in 2000. Dave Witte took swing and jazz lessons for about a month. However, he attributes a great deal of his learning to closely watching Brandon Thomas of Ripping Corpses for years.

Dave Witte names Clive Burr, Dave Lombardo, Brandon Thomas, Neil Peart, and Tim Alexander as his five most important influences. Dave Witte's favorite performers are Chris Pennie, Brann Dailor, Brandon Thomas, Will Scharf, Jeff Eber, Chris Maggio, Elliot Hoffman, and “the greatest drummer to ever live” Buddy Rich.

Although Dave Witte spent years trying to be the world’s fastest drummer, he eventually also discovered dynamics and tastefulness. Dave Witte stopped trying to prove something and began playing for himself. He said, “I can be creative and still keep myself entertained and happy.”

Dave Witte's playing is a natural, creative, primitive sound that relies on power, speed, and creativity.

Dave Witte recently offered good advice to aspiring drummers: “Follow your heart and never give up. Play as much as possible however you are comfortable and try to find inspiration in many different forms of music. Try to play with musicians with more experience than you, and you'll learn and grow quickly. That was my thing, I played with people whose skill levels were much higher than mine at the time, and I grew stronger as a player quicker ‘cause I was challenged more. Most importantly, not every performance and practice is going to be a good one, sometimes you'll just have one of those days. Don't let those days discourage you because tomorrow is another day.”

In 2007, Dave Witte worked with Municipal Waste, Burnt by the Sun, Phantomsmasher, and Birds of Prey. He also performs with Atomsmasher, Black Army Jacket, Discordance Axis, East West Blast Test, Hope Collapse, Major Burns, and Melt Banana. Dave’s main project is thrash band Municipal Waste. Their high-energy performances can be described as drunken parties with serious crowd-surfing.
He is now a member of bands I.B.U., Brain Tentacles, and Municipal Waste.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1995 Step on a Track, Vol. 2 Various Artists
1999 222 Black Army Jacket
2001 Burnt by the Sun Burnt by the Sun
2002 C.O.M.A. Imprint Candiria
2002 Phantomsmasher Phantomsmasher
2002 Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution Burnt by the Sun
2002 Where Were You When: 1989-1995 Human Remains
2003 East West Blast Test Chris Dodge/Dave Witte
2003 Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good Burnt by the Sun
2005 Hazardous Mutation Municipal Waste
2005 Our Last Day Discordance Axis
2006 Popular Music for Unpopular People East West Blast Test
2006 Weight of the Wound Birds of Prey
2007 Art of Partying Municipal Waste
2007 Hazardous Mutation Municipal Waste
2007 High Life! Exit 13
2007 Burnt by the Sun/Carmomb Split Burnt by the Sun
2008 King Generator King Generator
2009 Massive Agressive Municipal Waste
2009 Heart of Darkness Burnt by the Sun
2009 The Hellpreacher Birds of Prey
2010 Destroy the Light Circle of Animals
2012 Toxic Waste/Toxic Holocaust Municipal Waste
2012 The Fatal Feast Municipal Waste
2012 Scion Presents: Municipal Waste Municipal Waste
2012 Garbage Pack Municipal Waste


  • Dave on his pre-show routine: “Whenever I leave for tour, I drink a beer before I leave my house no matter what time it is and also before I get on a plane. At the show, I always try to eat chocolate and do my single strokes warm up. I usually try and go for a walk before too.”
  • “I am still playing music and I am still in love with the idea. It will never die for me, through good and bad times.” -Dave Witte

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Trick
Cymbals: Paiste
Sticks: Vic Firth

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