Basic Background Info

Birth: March 10, 1966
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Band: Pearl Jam, Candlebox, Unified Theory
Genres: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


In the early 1990s, bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam recruited Dave Krusen to fill the drum seat in their new band. Pearl Jam performed for the first time on October 22, 1990. Without wasting a second, the group recorded Ten. Dave Krusen left the band following the album's completion.

Although Ten was not immediately successful in late 1992, the album eventually climbed its way to #2 on the Billboard charts. With its three hit singles ('Alive,' 'Even Flow,' and 'Jeremy'),Ten mainstreamed alternative rock music. Ten reached platinum status twelve times in the United States and, although Pearl Jam released many more albums, Ten remains their most commercially successful record.

After leaving Pearl Jam, Dave Krusen joined Hovercraft under the name Karl 3-30. He laid down drum tracks on Akathisia with Hovercraft, which was released in 1997. Next, Dave joined up with Candlebox as their second drummer and recorded Happy Pills. He returned to Seattle after he finished up with Candlebox.

It wasn't long before Brad Smith, the bassist of Unified Theory, invited Dave to record a couple tracks for their new album. Dave Krusen also recorded with Novatone and toured with Cheyenne Kimball. Dave was most recently a member of Megaphonic with Rob Lyons, Matt Coe, and Matt Wilczynski.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1991 Ten Pearl Jam
1993 In Defense of Animals Various Artists
1997 Akathisia Hovercraft
1998 Happy Pills Candlebox
1998 Medicine Is All Gone Caustic Resin
1999 Rock: Train Kept a Rollin' Various Artists
2000 Unified Theory Unified Theory
2002 Invitation Carrie Akre
2003 Lost Dogs: Rarities and B Sides Pearl Jam
2005 Novatone Novatone
2005 Shaping the Invisible Thee Heavenly Music Association
2005 Time Can't Wait Novatone
2006 Best of Candlebox Candlebox
2006 Day Has Come Cheyenne Kimball
2008 The Diamond Hand Shawn Smith
2008 Into the Sun Candlebox
2012 Love Stoires & Other Musings Candlebox


  • Pearl Jam, then called Mookie Blaylock, performed for the first time on October 22, 1990, at the Off Ramp Club in Seattle.
  • Mookie Blaylock, a 6’1” point guard, played for the New Jersey Nets and The Atlanta Hawks before retiring from the Golden State Warriors. Blaylock was best known for his quick hands, a ball-stealing defense, great outside shooting, and adept passing.

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