Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: Intronaut, Phobia
Genres: Jazz, Funk, Latin, Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Instructor


Californian Danny Walker studied a wide variety of musical styles before settling into an impressive career as a hardcore studio and session performer. As a kid, Danny Walker banged his mother’s pots and pans to Kiss and Mötley Crüe records. Danny Walker's first kit was a Pearl Export 5-piece set, and he experimented with the kit on his own before taking lessons.

In high school, Danny Walker joined the school marching bands “for a hot minute my freshman year, but quit after I was out on cymbals. I wanted to play snare or the quads, but they refused to let me.” Despite his reluctance to play cymbals as a teenager, now cymbals are Danny Walker's favorite part of his kit.

Danny Walker studied under funk-enthusiasts Rich Crawford and Al Velazquez, who both stressed counting out loud while learning a new rhythm. Al instilled a lot of discipline in Danny as they worked on rudiments, odd meters, and polyrhythms. Danny Walker began standing out in the metal and avant-garde fields in 1997. Danny said, “Al Velasquez is the man!”

Danny Walker first earned respect as a drummer playing in bands throughout Southern California’s Ventura County. Danny Walker played with Uphill Battle, a hardcore/grind band, for more than five years. They toured North American and released three albums and two EPs. He also played with Thornland, a death metal group for a few years. They toured sporadically and recorded several demos before gradually dismantling.

In 2002, Danny joined avant-garde death band Cinema Strange and played with them for four years. The band toured broadly through North America, Europe, and Japan, and they released two records. Simultaneously, Danny frequently filled in as drummer for Exhumed while they toured the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Danny Walker created progressive metal Intronaut. Intronaut’s sound is a fresh one for Danny and an excellent demonstration of his versatility as a player. Danny Walker focused on groove and dabbled in odd metered and poly-rhythmic patterns, focusing on power rather than speed.

Danny Walker also occasionally performed with grindcore group Phobia throughout North America. Danny Walker said his drumming on Phobia’s album, Cruel, is the fastest he has ever played. Danny also filled in with Jesu on a recent tour.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1993 Robert Blair and the Fantastic Violinaires Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires
1996 Born Again The Fantastic Violinaires
1996 Get a Grip on Yourself Wank
1999 All About Jesus Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires
2000 Quest For Quintana Roo Split Uphill Battle
2001 Atomic Lit
2001 Anubis Rising Split Uphill Battle
2001 Love and Kisses from the Underground Handsome Devil
2002 Uphill Battle Uphill Battle
2003 Memories Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires
2004 Miracles James Robertson
2004 Platters of Splatter Exhumed
2004 Wreck of Nerves Uphill Battle
2004 A Cinema Strange ñ 10th Anniversary Novelty Product Cinema Strange
2005 Blurred 1999-2004 Uphill Battle
2006 Cruel Phobia
2006 Quatorze Exemples Du Triomphe De La Musique Decorative Cinema Strange
2006 Null Intronaut
2006 Void Intronaut
2007 Challenger Intronaut
2007 Dust to Dust Thornlord
2007 The Challenger Intronaut
2008 Prehistoricisms Intronaut
2008 22 Random Acts of Violence Phobia
2009 Dead Man Inside (Human) Phobia
2010 Gadget Split Phobia
2010 The Red List Bastard Noise
2010 Fearing the Dissolve of Humanity Phobia
2010 Valley of Smoke Inrtonaut
2010 Murder Construct Murder Construct
2011 All Guts No Glory Exhumed
2011 Humanly Possible Bad Acid Trip
2012 Results Murder Construct
2013 Habitual Levitations Intronaut


  • Danny’s top five influences are Dave Weckl, Thomas Hakke, Sean Reihnert, Gene Hoglan, and Tim Alexander.
  • Danny’s favorite live performances were Thomas Hakke of Meshuggah and a Terry Bozzio clinic.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Meinl
Hardware: Drum Workshop 
Heads: Aquarian 
Sticks: Vic Firth

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