Basic Background Info

Birth: February 27, 1980
Location: San Diego, California
Band: New Found Glory
Genres: Punk, Emo
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Though he plays like a seasoned professional, Cyrus Bolooki did not begin drumming until age fifteen. In fact, he felt no special affinity for the instrument and only started drumming out of sheer frustration. Cyrus Bolooki had played in various bands throughout his youth, but had found it incredibly difficult to find a consistently reliable drummer. So, Cyrus Bolooki laid aside his guitar and began beating the trap kit, probably wishing that the heads were the faces of every prepubescent drummer who had let him down.

Cyrus Bolooki joined New Found Glory in 1997, back when it was still called A New Found Glory. The band had just released their It's All About the Girls EP, and Joe Moreno had left the band. With Cyrus Bolooki on the roster, they released Nothing Gold Can Stay on Eulogy Recordings. The album was paired with a brutal touring schedule, which resulted in a significant fan base. In 2000, the band signed to Drive-Thru Records and released a cover EP called From the Stereo to Your Screen. It was at this time that they dropped the 'A' from their name, and released an eponymous album through MCA Records. Their third album, Sticks and Stones, was released in 2002. They followed the album by touring on the Vans Warped Tour.

Their fourth album, Catalyst, debuted at #3 on the Billboard albums chart in May 2004. They followed the equation that had brought them their success and supported the new album with another exhausting tour before taking a much needed break.

Since then, they released From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II in 2007. That same year, Cyrus Bolooki had a near career crushing accident. At the close of a performance, Bolooki exited the stage--but without stage rails or any lighting, he missed a step and fell nearly 30 feet. In the end, he broke three bones in his back and his left arm. He returned to Florida and threw himself into a vigorous recovery program. Almost miraculously, Cyrus was playing drums again within a few weeks.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1999 Nothing Gold Can Stay A New Found Glory
2000 From the Screen to Your Stereo A New Found Glory
2000 New Found Glory New Found Glory
2002 Sticks and Stones New Found Glory
2004 Catalyst New Found Glory
2006 Coming Home New Found Glory
2007 From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II New Found Glory
2008 Hits New Found Glory


  • Cyrus began playing the drums at the age of fifteen and guitar at the age of ten.
  • Recently in the studio, Cyrus stopped a “weird buzzing” coming from his 16" floor tom by stuffing toilet paper between a bent rim and a lug.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop and Orange County Drums & Percussion
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Sticks: Vater

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