Basic Background Info

Birth: November 27, 1962
Location: Bronx, New York
Band: Anthrax, Stormtroopers of Death
Genres: Rock, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Rap-Metal
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Charlie Benante is the drummer for boundary-shattering heavy metal band Anthrax. Charlie Benante joined the band in 1983, after Scott Ian, Danny Lilker, Greg Walls, and Neil Turbin recorded their second demo. They signed a major record deal and their debut album, Fistful of Metal, immediately attracted international attention. Charlie Benante's nephew, Frank Bello, replaced Lilker on bass and, after several lineup shuffles, Joey Bellardini took over vocals. Anthrax monopolized the thrash metal scene in the 1980s. Anthrax is generally credited with pioneering the incorporation of metal and hardcore music with rap.

Charlie Benante has always been one of the primary songwriters for Anthrax. Anthrax's third album, Among the Living, introduced lyrics based on movies, comic books, and horror novels (Stephen King books in particular). Anthrax's 1990 album, Persistence of Time, was much more technical, progressive, and mature. This appealed to niche fans that were previously reluctant to embrace the band's popular culture inspirations like comic books and horror films.

Always willing to experiment, Anthrax worked with rap groups UTFO and Public Enemy. After replacing their vocalist with John Bush in 1992, Anthrax became heavier and more grunge influenced than their earlier work. In 2007, the lineup changed again when Dan Nelson took over vocals.

Charlie, Ian, and Lilker performed with their side project, Stormtroopers of Death, throughout their tenure with Anthrax. Charlie Benante is regularly touted as the inventor of the blast beat technique. Charlie's creative double bass work is renowned in the world of thrash metal and is considered on par with greats like Lars Ulrich and Dave Lombardo.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1983 Soldiers of Metal/Howling Furies Anthrax
1984 Fistful of Metal Anthrax
1985 Armed and Dangerous Anthrax
1985 Speak English or Die S.O.D.: Stormtroopers of Death
1985 Spreading the Disease Anthrax
1987 Among the Living Anthrax
1988 State of Euphoria Anthrax
1990 Persistence of Time Anthrax
1991 Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black Public Enemy
1991 Attack of the Killer B's Anthrax
1992 Live at Budokan S.O.D.
1993 Black Lodge Anthrax
1993 Sound of White Noise Anthrax
1995 Stomp 442 Anthrax
1996 Bordello of Blood Original Soundtrack
1996 Spacewalk: A Salute to Ace Frehley Various Artists
1998 ECW: Extreme Music Various Artists
1998 Moshers 1986-1991 Anthrax
1998 Thunderbolt: A Tribute to AC/DC Various Artists
1998 Volume 8: The Threat Is Real Anthrax
1999 1989-1999 Life of Agony
1999 Bigger Than the Devil Stormtroopers of Death
1999 Inside Out Anthrax
1999 Return of the Killer A's: The Best of Anthrax Anthrax
1999 Universal Soldier II Original Soundtrack
2001 Ghosts of Mars John Carpenter
2001 Madhouse: The Very Best of Anthrax Anthrax
2001 New York's Hardest, Vol. 3 Various Artists
2001 Sound of White Noise Anthrax
2001 Stomp 442 Anthrax
2002 Universal Masters Collection Anthrax
2003 MTV2 Headbangers Ball Various Artists
2003 We've Come for You All Anthrax
2004 Greater of Two Evils Anthrax
2004 Music of Mass Destruction: Live from Chicago Anthrax
2004 Nude VAST
2005 20 Years of Dysfunction S.O.D.
2005 Alive 2: The DVD Anthrax
2005 Alive 2: The Music Anthrax
2005 Anthrology: No Hit Wonders 1985-1991 Anthrax
2005 Ozzfest: Tenth Anniversary Various Artists
2006 Turquoise & Crimson VAST
2007 Extended Versions Anthrax
2007 Heavy Metal Box Various Artists
2007 Live Anthrax
2007 Rise of the Infidels S.O.D.


  • Charlie's favorite Anthrax experience was their appearance on an episode of the American television sitcom, Married With Children. The episode was based on a real MTV contest--Anthrax showed up at the winner's house and trashed it.
  • Charlie's heroes are Salvador Dali, the entire cast of JAWS, The Beatles, Jimmy Page (his favorite musician), Walt Disney, and Howard Schultz.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Tama
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Tama
Heads: Evans
Sticks: Vic Firth

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