Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Chico, California
Band: The Velvet Teen
Genres: Punk, Indie
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician



Casey Deitz’s mother has a photo of eighteen-month-old Casey holding records in his little hands. Seeing that Casey was born to play music, both of his parents “just fed that.” Young Casey took piano and saxophone lessons. Although Casey Deitz was more interested in listening to MC Hammer, he realizes now that his family's support has been one of the most important keys to his success. When MTV entered his home, Casey Deitz’s attention fell on Nirvana and other alternative/punk-rock outfits.

Casey Deitz met Mike Waltz at the local music store where Casey took guitar lessons. Eventually, Mike ended up taking drum lessons from Waltz. During junior high school, Casey Deitz started jamming with Ben Tietz, playing mostly Nirvana songs. Casey and Ben created Bliss with Trevor Sellers, and the high school students played at local venues. Bliss morphed into Either before Casey and Travis Wuerther formed a duo, the Americas.

In 2001, the Americas opened for the Velvet Teen, and the two bands became friends. When Velvet Teen’s drummer fell ill a few years later, the band called Casey to fill their empty drum chair.

This was a dream come true for Casey Deitz. He embarked on his first world tour with Velvet Teen in 2004. Casey Deitz recorded two albums with Velvet Teen: Gyzmkid and Cum Laude. Cum Laude incorporated elements of both math rock and jazz, led by Casey’s aggressive talent and hard bop rhythms.



Album Year Album Name Album Band
2006 Gyzmkid The Velvet Teen
2006 Cum Laude The Velvet Teen
2010 No Star The Velvet Teen
2012 Peace'd Out Peace'd Out


  • Casey's father, Jim, is a dental-parts machinist, and his mother, Mo, is a special education teacher.

Instruments of Choice



Cymbals: Zildjian

Pics & Clips